Carrying on a Tradition

Anyone who knows me knows I loved my grandma Eva, and I mean loved her to the depths of my soul. My grandma was an exceptional woman, mother, wife, grandmother and soldier of Christ. She has blessed me in so many ways and continues to do so even though she’s gone from this earth. To give you an idea of how special she was to my daughter, who only knew her for a short time (she passed away before Anya’s 2’nd birthday on December 26, 2007), still talks about her as though she knew her for years! My grandmother was the first person in my life who really was an example of a woman who loved Christ. My earliest memories of attending church was with her. She was a devout follower of Christ and didn’t just walk the walk but talked the talk.

I loved spending time with her and especially looked forward to Wednesday nights, which was bible study at her church. Adults and children alike would gather downstairs in the church while the kids where all in one corner the adults were busy writing in their notebooks and listening to the Word of God. The church we went to was her brother Rocco’s church and he was the Pastor. My uncle Rocco was truly a man of God if I ever known one. He preached with an intensity of a man who was moved by the holy spirit and loved God. Afterward, there was plenty of fellowship, coffee, donuts and juice. I always left happy and looking forward to the next Wednesday. I felt so special to be part of this Wednesday night gathering. I even memorized the ten commandments with my grandma and had her ask my Uncle Rocco if I could say them in front of the congregation. Of course he let me and it was one of the proudest moments of my life. I can remember my grandmother smiling at me in the pews. My mother still attends that church and I consider everyone there my family.

Now as an adult I’m attending Bible study on Wednesday night with my daughter! It starts at 7:30 pm and at first I was contemplating that maybe it was too late for her on a school night. But, after Sunday school I told her about Wednesday and she really wanted to go, how could I stop a child who wanted to hear the word of God! Isn’t that what I wanted to do? At 39 I still look back on Wednesday night bible study with my grandma as a treat and precious memory, how could I deny Anya that same memory one day. Going to bed maybe 15 minutes later won’t cause sleep deprivation. She had a great time and is especially glad she went because she’ll be with her dad this Sunday, so she’ll miss Sunday school. She had a great time and got enough sleep, she actually was quite restful and woke up with a wonderful memory of Wednesday night bible study. I’m so grateful that my grandma planted a seed in me, even when I didn’t nurture it, it was still there waiting and now its time for me to plant that seed in my daughter and it all stems from you and Wednesday night bible study in a little church in Duquesne, Pennsylvania.

Moms, never underestimate the power of the seed your planting in your own kids. It is a legacy, a spiritual legacy that will go far beyond you.

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