Create a Spiritual Scrapbook for Your Kids

I’ve decided to try my hand at scrapbooking this year, and although it is going slowly, I rather enjoy it. I love looking through the pictures of Anya and relieving memories. That is the beauty of pictures, they capture a moment in time. Time passes but pictures can invoke a feeling or sensation that we relate to that moment. Scrapbooking takes time and patience, but is a worthy personal investment for yourself and your family. Watching our children grow throughout the year, maturing both physically and emotionally is a blessing. It is amazing how much our children grow from year to year. What I find equally incredibly is how much my daughter grows spiritually. As much as I enjoy capturing the first day of Kindergarten or a trip to the farm, I also want to capture her spiritual growth. A spiritual scrapbook is a perfect way to do just that!

My daughter goes to Sunday school and we started going to Wednesday night Bible study recently. We also read the Bible at home. One way I’ve engaged her at home was to read a story of the Bible and then ask her to draw a picture of the story. It is amazing what she draws, she actually gives me a different insight! We began to accumulate a number of theses drawings and projects from Bible study and now from Sunday that they were beginning to get scattered around the house. I don’t want to throw them away because they are a special part of her growth in her walk with Christ, so I’ve decided to keep them in a spiritual scrapbook. If your kids attend Sunday school or you have Bible study at home, why not create some precious memories for them and record them for their journey?

Go to a craft store and purchase an inexpensive scrapbook. Get your kids involved in the process and have them pick the book they want. If you have more than one child you may want to include everyone in one book or you can create individual scrapbooks for each child you have. Allow the kids to pick a book that fits their personality, its fun to see how their style changes each year.

Next, start collecting all of their Bible study papers, or special projects they do at home in a binder or folder so not to lose them. Collect the papers that have special meaning to both them and you. You can either start putting them in the scrapbook as you collect them or wait until the end of the year and do it as a fun Christmas or New Year’s project. This is a great time to reflect on the past year and how you’ve all grown as a family.

Remember to write important little notes about why it is so special! Journal entries are also great keepsakes for scrapbooks. I believe a spiritual scrapbook is a wonderful way for your kids to enjoy their road to Christ as well a great part of their spiritual legacy. So don’t stuff those Bible study projects in the back of the closet! Set aside an afternoon, bake some cookies, have a mug of hot chocolate and journey through their spiritual growth together.

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