Our Blueprint for Life: The Scriptures

Life is complicated, full of twists and turns, and never ending surprises. Have you ever wished you had a blueprint giving you step by step instructions on how to navigate through life’s ups and downs? If only such a book existed that provided all the answers on how to handle sticky issues when they crop up, life would be smooth sailing right? Well, you’re in luck because such a treasure exists and you own it! It is the Bible! The Bible is your very own blueprint for life. Written on in its pages are Scriptures chock-full of wisdom, instruction, principals, values, and morals to direct us along our path. My grandfather told me the Bible was the most interesting book I’d ever read, and he was right. The Bible is an invaluable gift. Every nugget of godly wisdom is written in the Scriptures. To unlock the secret of a life well lived we must become committed students to the Word of God.

How you decide to study the Scriptures depends largely on your learning style. I’m more productive when I set goals for myself. For example, you may set a goal to read the Bible in a year or read a book of the Bible in a month. The idea is to commit a portion of your day to reading and studying the scriptures at a pace that is comfortable for you. When you begin studying the Scriptures there are a few helpful supplies you’ll want to invest in such as highlighters, pens, notebooks, and index cards.

Simple Bible study tips to get started

Index Cards

I’m a big fan of index cards and find them extremely helpful for Bible study. I use the cards for grouping together scriptures on a specific topic. For example, I’ll jot down various verses on an index card that I find on loneliness, then group them together and place them in a small recipe or index card box separated by a heading. Separating the verses by topic is useful when you’re having one of those days when the sky is falling and you need inspiration. You can go to the box and quickly pull out scriptures that relate to the challenge your encountering.


Purchase a notebook for each book of the Bible you’re studying. Assigning a notebook to each book of the Bible eliminates loose sheets of scattered paper and keeps your notes orderly. Most likely you’ll repeatedly study the different books of the Bible and individual notebooks makes it easier review and write new notes. If you want to take an even more organized approached put your notes in binders and label them.


If you learn by repetition, a voice recorder is a worthwhile investment. Record yourself reading the Scriptures and any additional thoughts that come to mind about the passage you’re studying. Review your recording while you’re in the car, doing chores, or during devotional time.

Scripture Memorization

Scripture memorization is an effective technique when you’re aiming to learn the scriptures. I don’t suggest rushing through and memorizing ten verses a day. Memorize one Scripture a week or every few days. Don’t merely memorize the words. Write the Scripture, pray for understanding, and meditate on how it relates to you individually. Put them on sticky notes around the house or in your car to help you memorize the verse.

Take The Plastic Off

Have you ever visited someone’s home and there was plastic covering their furniture to protect the fabric from the wear and tear of everyday life? There might as well be a sign hanging above the room saying, “look, but don’t touch.” Is plastic covering your Bible? Don’t be afraid to use your bible. Go ahead, highlight passages, write notes in the margin, earmark pages, and get it messy in a good way! If messiness helps you learn the Scriptures, I say make the marks. My Bible is full of highlighted passages and notes. However, my grandmother’s Bible which is of great sentimental value to me is kept on my nightstand and preserved in her memory. Each of your Bibles may have its own purpose, but use one in your studies that you don’t mind taking the plastic off of.

Discover what works for you and make a commitment every day to spend time with God!

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