6 Inexpensive Winter Break Activities For The Family

Winter break is almost here and that means kids are going to be out of school looking for things to do during the winter school break. Some will settle for sleeping in, eating, sitting in front of the tube or staying connected with an electronic gadget of some sort. It’s not exactly a parent’s dream to have their kids sit around the house all day. Below are some great ideas to get your kids OUT of the house and away from media for a bit!

Six inexpensive and fun outdoor activities for the whole family

1. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a low risk activity. You don’t need to have any experience to snowshoe and it’s an activity that is relatively inexpensive. It’s also a great fitness workout even if you’re snowshoeing on flat terrain. There are different types of snowshoeing so if you’re an advanced snowshoer you can choose terrain that requires climbing.

Make sure everyone dress in layers so they can remove layers as needed without losing too much heat. Make sure the clothing are breathable and wick away perspiration and keeps you dry. Waterproof snow pants, snow boots, or waterproof hiking boots are the best and will keep you the driest. Wear waterproof gloves, hat, headband or baseball cap and sunglasses if it’s sunny out.

Don’t forget to bring some granola bars or something easy to eat and water to drink.

2. Ice-Skating

Ice-skating can be enjoyed indoors, out on a lake or an outdoor skating rink. Young kids should wear a helmet for safety reasons. You don’t have to dress too warm as it would be hard to move with a big bulky jacket.

3. Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is a thrill and a lot of fun for both adults and kids. You’re sliding down a hill at a high rate of speed in an inflated inner tube. There’s no experience required. To get back up the hill, just use the rope tow.

There’s a minimum height for the bigger slopes and you can check with the mountain. For much younger kids, there may be a smaller area for them to slide on.

It’s best to wear waterproof outer clothing.

4. Sledding

If you have a sled, you can go to your local park and slide down the hill.

5. Snowball Fight

When was the last time you had a snowball fight? Build a fort and gather the neighborhood kids and their families or invite friends over. Watch out for cars and windows.

6. Snow Painting

All you need for snow painting are spray bottles, water, food coloring and of course snow. Then go out and create your masterpieces.

I hope these ideas help motivate you to get your kids–and YOU outside and moving! Please share any of your own ideas and tips below! We would LOVE to hear them! :)

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