Faith and Business 101: 8 Things to Prepare your Business for Christmas Break

The Christmas season is quickly coming upon us and it’s a great time to step away from your home business to enjoy the festivities with your family and friends. There are important things to do for your business to ensure that when you’re on a holiday break, you will still have a business to come back to when you re-open in the New Year.

8 Tips to Help your Business during a Christmas Break

Plan and Schedule

You know the holidays will be here soon and you know you’re taking time off, now is the time to start getting things ready and try to stick to a schedule. Don’t leave it for the last minute because you’re most likely to forget something important that could impact your business in a bad way.

Back Up Your Websites

Anything can go wrong when you have a self-hosted site. Make sure you back up your files, databases, blogs etc. and make sure you update your plugins.

Pre-schedule Blog Posts

Even though you have taken the time off from your business, you can have still have your business run on auto-pilot by pre-scheduling blog posts.

Set Up Email Auto-responders

This is one of the most important things to remember to do and without an email auto-responder in place, you run the risk of losing clients, customers, vendors etc. that will take their business elsewhere if they don’t get a prompt reply.

Inform Your Vendors

Just as it’s important to have an email auto-responder, letting your vendors know ahead of time when you’ll be out and back in the office will save a big headache later on.

Complete Transactions

If you need to pay money to your affiliates, Virtual Assistant, ghostwriter, social media manager etc. do so before the end of year and send your work invoices in. If you have customers’ orders, fill those before you leave.

Tie Up Loose Ends

Check your calendar and tie up loose ends. If you were organized, this shouldn’t be a difficult task. Go through your check list and check it twice.

Plan For Next Year

While you won’t be back until the New Year, take some time to plan so you don’t end up with the “coming back from the holidays” slump feeling.

Here are some questions to think about:

Are you making any changes?
What is your marketing strategy?
What are you going to do to avoid the slow going or seasonal slump?
How are you going to build momentum after the holidays?

Taking the time to prepare and organize your home business before taking a Christmas break will give you peace of mind.

So…are you going to be taking some time off from your business to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends or are you going to work through the holidays?

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  1. Sophia on November 18, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    I semi-unplug every year. It’s impossible to not spend time with family and friends. By the time the holidays roll around, I’m so ready to take a break and I enjoy not having to stick to a schedule. I look forward to it each year and it’s like a mini vacation.

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