Faith and Business 101: Careful Hiring

Whether you’re working for a larger business and filling positions, building your team in a MLM business, or looking into hiring part time help or a Virtual Assistant, there are many things to take into consideration.

The first thing you need to consider is how you would proceed with the application and hiring process if you were a traditional brick and mortar business. Following similar steps is a good idea. Asking for a resume is always a great place to start. Anyone who has the training and professionalism you’re looking for should have a resume on file, or at least know how to put one together.

Education and experience are the two big “E” words to first take into consideration, but don’t let them rule over you. Is your interviewee someone who has never had experience in sales but who has a big, fun, contagious personality and is in love with the product? She just might be the right person for your Direct Sales team! Did the gal who has a BA and selling experience show up for your Handmade Make Up Etsy Shop interview not even wearing mascara? She should probably be out.

Hiring someone who will excel, stick around, and actually make your life easier is a fine balance of finding someone who is experienced, yet teachable and who is truly dedicated to whatever you and your company are about. As a small business owner you will probably not be able to shell out the big bucks at first, and you need someone who truly, deeply is passionate about whatever they will be doing.

Many times, especially when it comes to building a team or adding on sales people the biggest temptation can be to fill up all the spots with the first warm bodies that apply so that you can start turning sales and making a profit. What might be a good short term fix will end up backfiring in the future with a high turnover rate, dissatisfied customers, and a tarnished reputation. No matter what position you’re looking to fill make sure that you get the right person for the job. Prayer and research are great places to start, and when you find the right person it will be worth all of your hard work!

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