Faith and Business 101: Getting a Mentor

When you are looking to work from home, one of the most important things you can do is to find a mentor. This can be a formal kind of relationship, where you actually approach the person in mind and ask them if they would help to mentor/teach you–or it can be as informal as asking a friend if you can pick their brain every now and then.

By getting to know someone who is already successful in the field you’re thinking about pursuing you can get a good idea of if you could succeed as well. Oftentimes there are things about career paths and options that you probably would never think about–like the fact that in a direct sales company it’s important that they offer excellent customer service to you as a representative so that you can find out information on messed up orders quickly and without headaches. Or maybe the glamor of being a wedding photographer will fade in your mind when you realize that a great deal of success goes into figuring out f-stops and the proper lighting techniques and lenses. Be sure to ask questions like “What is the most challenging part of your job? What about the most rewarding?”

Since mentors are typically people who are extremely busy (can’t be a successful work from home person any other way!!!) you need to not just be taking vast amounts of their time with no return. Ask if you can tag along to their next shoot, but offer to help in anyway you can. Attend their next home party and offer to help with the set up and clean up-getting a really hands on feel for the job will help you decide if it really is for you even more!

When you’re just getting your feet wet it’s a good idea to ask around and talk with several different people about several different fields. I know I’m always more than happy to give people the run down on what I do to make money from home. Be sure to be honest about how interested you really are though, if you’re just curious, let them know-if you are wanting to seriously pursue something, let them know about that as well. It’s very frustrating for me to go into an in-depth discussion about how to become a review blogger to have someone say, “Oh that sounds like SO much work, I just wanted to get free products easily, never mind”.

Keep in mind that anything you choose will be a lot of hard work, but once you find a job you were meant for and that you love-the benefits far outweigh that-and having a mentor to guide you along the way will help ensure that they do!

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