Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

There have been many many years that I had to wait until the very last minute to shop because of money. There have also been a few years that I was just too busy to carve out the time to shop any sooner than last minute! Whatever you reason, if you are shopping last minute, I have a few tips that may help make the craziness just a teenie bit less crazy! ;)

5 Quick Tips for Last Minute Shoppers

1. Online Shopping. You will need to get those last minute Online orders in by 20th (21st at the absolute latest), if you want to be sure they will arrive on time! Make sure that you read the fine print in the “guaranteed shipping” as well. It would stink to pay for it and then have it not arrive…

2. Have a Plan. A list and store plan is the only way to go. Make sure you know what you want and where the best place to get it is. Go Online or check the ad papers and look for who is having what sale and shop accordingly. Stick to the plan!

3. Cash Only. Do not charge Christmas gifts…or any material item for that matter. If you cannot afford it–maybe you should not buy it! Paying interest in order to buy a Christmas gift is not responsible or what this holiday is about. Do not let yourself go crazy and become overloaded with debt just to fill materialistic needs.

4. Relax! Nothing…absolutely nothing is worth stressing over when it comes to shopping. If you were meant to have it, you will. Do not put so much focus on getting a deal that you stress, are rude or lose your mind.

5. Remember the REASON for the Season. Yes, getting and giving gifts is an awesome feeling and part of this holiday. However, we should never get so caught up in stuff that we forget the point of it all. It is about the love of our Savior and the sacrifice He made so that we can spend eternity in Heaven. It is NOT about what gadget we can get or how happy we can make our kids by purchasing material possessions for them. Having a proper perpective will reduce most–if not all Christmas shopping stress…

I hope these tips make your shopping experience more relaxed. I also want to remind you to make time to give and bless those who are less fortunate than you are. All of us can find at least one person who is less fortunate. I mean even if you only have $20 for Christmas this year, there are people/families that are homeless and without far more than we are…

This is My commandment: that you love one another just as I have loved you.– John 15:12 (amp)

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