Faith and Business 101: When a Good thing isn’t a good thing

Once you delve into the world of working from home and get a good thing going you might get to the point where you’re a little overwhelmed. Often once you’re established and successful in one company other companies might start to attract your opinion as well. If you start freelancing for one site you might find that you are finding opportunities on other sites as well. Affiliate programs, direct sales companies, PR work, advertising businesses–there really are all sorts of wonderful, legitimate work from home opportunities available and once you get your foot in the door somewhere it seems doors start flying open right and left.

This is why it is so important to stay true to yourself and to know yourself. As I’ve talked about before it make take a few tries before you find your niche, but once you do find it you need to stay in it. This is vitally important for you to continue to do well and also be able to maintain balance in your life and home. One of the biggest struggles for every work from home mom is finding the proper balance between work and family-when you start adding more and more and more good things onto your plate pretty soon you’re going to drop the entire plate and be left picking up the pieces.

As I’ve mentioned before I tried Direct Sales and it just didn’t work for me-I don’t have the right persona or talents for it. I recently got the chance to give it another go in an amazing new company. Although I completely support the company and love the products I really wrestled with the decision. Trusting my gut I turned the opportunity down, and I am so very glad that I did. Although the job that was offered to me it was a great thing it would have not been a great thing for me.

It’s important to learn discernment and learn how to say no-even to good things! Stay true to yourself and your strengths and everyone will benefit for it in the end!

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