Faith and Business 101: 3 Direct Sales Home Party Games

Have you ever gone to a Direct Sales home party and found it boring? Did everyone just sit around and listen to the hostess go on and on about her company and products? Hosting a home party requires effort on your part to make it a lively and enjoyable event for your guests. What’s your purpose for hosting a home party? To get your products into people’s hands and to offer an amazing home business opportunity. In other words, find your recruits.

Hosting a Direct Sales home party with games is an excellent way to break the ice and get people involved and interested. When people are having fun, it’s easier for people to interact with people they don’t know.

There are a lot of different games you can play with your guests. For your party games, you may want to choose a theme related to your company. It’s a good way to keep your Direct Sales company’s name in your guests’ minds because after all, when you’re having a lot of fun it’s possible to get carried away and forget the real purpose why they are there in the first place.

Here are three home party games you can play with your guests.

Getting To Know You

This is a good way for you and your guests to get to know each other a bit. Have each person pick out two or three items from their purse that best describes them. This could give you clues on who would be a good fit to join you in your Direct Sales business. You can give small samples to each of your guests for playing.

Get Rid of Your Spouse

This is a fun game and an ice-breaker. Have your guests list several household items they would like to get rid of and why they want to throw them away. Once that’s done, tell them they have to replace the household item with the name of their spouse. Now go around the room and have each person read what they wrote. In addition, they also have to say, “I want to get rid of (name) because…” The response that is the funniest and gets the biggest laughs wins a prize.

Tell a Story

This game will tell you who’s listening. You can tell a story more about who you are or why you chose your Direct Sales company. At the end, give each person paper and pen and have them answer each of your questions about the story you just told them. The person who gets the most right collects a prize.

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