Faith and Business 101: Finding Balance

The reality of any life, but especially that of a work from home mom, is that you have a million things to fit into one day. Balance between God time, Family time, Work Time, and You Time is a struggle for every work from home mom I’ve ever talked to. Working from home means that interruptions, distractions, and way laid plans are plentiful.  I hop onto facebook so that I can update the rest of the Leadership Team in the business I work for–only to get distracted for 30 minutes by my friends latest baby pictures and status updates. I hop into email to send off my latest blog information and get sucked into an hour of sorting through the 100 unread messages that have come in overnight. Once I finally get started on writing my column post for Moms of Faith, my daughter knocks her milk over, my son needs a diaper change and I look up to see my hubby walking in the door from work and the rest of my  day is then shot. Things like this eat away valuable chunks of the day and can lead to frustration as you look back on a day that was busy crazy and in which you felt like you didn’t accomplish anything.

This year I have also determined to be more intentional about everything in my life–especially how my time is spent. I took a chunk of time to pray and think about my priorities and to list them in order. I also wrote a list of how these priorities should translate into my every day life.

Here is my priority list:

1. God is my #1 priority so I *should* be devoting time to daily prayer and Bible reading each day.

2. Family Since my family comes next I need time for making sure the kids have fun and constructive activities to do throughout the day, time to do preschool with my daughter, and time to read them stories & play. I need time to keep my home clean, good meals cooked, and laundry done because all of this blesses my family and lessens my stress and theirs.

3. Work I need time to devote to dedicated work so I can get the things done I need to in my various jobs each day without spinning my wheels and getting no where.

4. Me Then finally I need time for myself–to exercise and also to relax! If I’m going to do all of the above I’m going to need the energy and rest that brings! This also will include time spent keeping my relationships up to date through intentional Facebook/phone/playdate time, etc.

Sounds like some tall orders eh? It is, but this year I have come up with plans and scheduling that are allowing me to accomplish daily balance each day. In the next few posts I’ll be sharing how it’s working for me in hopes it might help you to obtain balance as well!

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