Opening Doors in 2012

Do you remember when we all went to our favorite oven-fired pizza restaurant, Puccini’s, just a few months ago?  Well… it was when the very embarrassing “Cheese Stick” incident happened (which scarred this Hott mama for life, by the way).   Anyway, earlier this week, I got the bright idea to return and then drive around to see Christmas decorations.  Big mistake!  Here’s what happened:

Caity’s twin sister from another mother (and father) was along with the Hott family when we decided to squeeze in some more festivities by a trip to Puccini’s.  One would think that after the last episode, no one would remember us, right?After all, where can we order not only six but SEVEN separate pizzas?  This place is phenomenal!  We decided to arrive early, hoping to avoid the dinner crowds and STILL catch the ‘buy 2 get one free” special.  This is especially good for a family that can NEVer agree on ANYthing!  Do I sound a little frustrated?  Well, you should come to dinner with the Hott’s sometime.  After this night, I doubt Jessica will ever return.

So, we proceeded to order the awesome zucchini fries while waiting for our 7 pizzas which included the following variety:  Chesapeake Pizza (only in Maryland); Buffalo Chicken Pizza; another Buffalo with onions; Margarita Pizza; Pancetti Pizza (Italian bacon); Chicago Pizza; BLT Pizza (Don’t get this.  It comes with a mountain of lettuce on top!).  Seriously.  This was really our order.

Things were actually going along quite smoothly!  Dinner was winding down, and this mom proceeds to assure all little Hott’s have visited the potty before we return to the car for the 45 minute ride home.  As the girls get up, I encourage Isaac to go.  Levi had already made a trip with me as soon as the hot pizza was served (as usual).  Isaac, ever the adult, assured me that he could go to the men’s room like a big boy.  “Duh Mom!  I am 8 years old!”

Well, alright then!  We are practically next to the restroom door anyway.  Go right ahead!  One less trip for me to make.  Soon, the girls return.  Violet barely sits back down when all at once, we hear a blood curdling scream “H-E-L-P!”

“What in the world?”  Heads are turning.  The far wall is banging.

“HELP!!!!  SOMEONE HELP ME!”  It sounds like a murder is going on somewhere.  My blood ran ice cold.

“LET ME OUT OF HERE!”  Who is that screaming?  Wait?….!  It’s ISAAC!


Dan and I dart to the hallway to find the men’s bathroom shaking so hard!  He continued to scream at the top of his lungs (and Isaac is very loud even in his quiet moments).  The door, I am sure, must have imprints of his fists and feet.  We approached the shaking door with Isaac repeating “HELP!  HELP ME!  GET ME OUT OF HERE!”

Dan arrived first to the door and right away, in the calmest voice ever, whispered “Isaac.”

Isaac froze.  The door stopped shaking.  And he said, “Dad?”

“Yes, you’re okay Isaac.  Just turn the handle.”  It was completely quiet – the entire restaurant.

That was when the door opened and out came my little boy.  He fell into his daddy’s arms.  “Oh thanks Dad.  You saved me.  Whoooosh.  I thought I was going to be in the bathroom forEVer!”

“What’s for dessert?”  Well, we returned to several staring eyes and a quite embarrassed Isaac.  He fell next into a burst of giggles that was really quite funny.  Relieved that he was reunited with the rest of the Hott family, Isaac said in the car, “Dad!  I’m so glad you unlocked that door.”

“Me?  I didn’t unlock the door Isaac. You did,” replied Dan.

“Me?  Wasn’t me, Dad!” – was Isaac’s answer – “YOU did!”.

To this day, Isaac believes that his daddy unlocked the bathroom door.  The fact is that it could not have been unlocked from the outside.  So, who unlocked the door?  Although he tried to argue about this with Dan for the next 10-12 miles, I guess it will always be a mystery.

Isn’t this a little like Jesus?  In this new year, whenever we find ourselves in a situation, decision, or “fork in the road”, remember our Jesus is just on the other side of the door and ready to open it for us.  All we need to do is ask.

Or, scream!  Whatever works.

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me”.  Revelations 3:20

And doesn’t it feel so good to just fall in His arms on the other side?

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  1. Cindy on January 2, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    Whew, Ang! You right EXACTLY like the Hott family talks! I can hear it all through your words! As always, thanks for sharing and for making a good point! Love you. C

  2. Cindy on January 2, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    errr….”write”. Don’t let Dan see this!

  3. Angie Hott on January 3, 2012 at 8:44 am

    Cindy! Hope what you heard wasn’t too loud! It sure was crazy at the restaurant that night. LOL! But then again, it always is! Thanks for reading!
    love, a

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