Faith and Business 101: Balancing Time

So if you’re following along with my journey to find balance you’ll know that so far we’ve done a couple of things.

These are:

Writing down our priorities and deciding how they translate into life

Using the Proverbs 31 woman as inspiration

Getting a Game Plan together

Ditching Perfection

Now you’re about four weeks into your plan and it’s time to start figuring out what’s working and what is not. For example I planned on working for 45 minutes in the morning before the kids got up–till I realized that the 15 minutes I was giving myself to make the bed, get dressed, do my makeup, get my coffee, and get settled in was way too little time–especially since I move with the speed of a slug until I drink my coffee each  morning. Originally my plan was to get up at 8 a.m. and after realizing this was much too late I’ve been slowly bumping it back earlier (again–not a morning person here. My ideal life involves staying up till 1 a.m. and sleeping till 9 a.m. –not feasible in the real world with a hubby who hast to get up at 4:30 a.m. and a 4 year old daughter who wakes up at 7:30 a.m. each day)

What I’m getting at is this is the time to sit and think about where the numbers on your schedule are working and where they’re not. Maybe having your time scheduled out is driving you crazy or it was impractical from the start because your family’s life and schedule vary wildly from day to day (which is the case if you have a part time job outside the home, or your husband works shift work) The whole point of seeking balance is finding what works for you and your family. My scheduling has shown me how much time I really spend online, and how much I really need to devote to being online in order to do my essentials. It’s also shown me where my time burning activities are and how to stop them.

If you’re still frustrated or spinning your wheels I’d recommend taking this week and checking out, buying, or searching on Pinterest for organization books and scheduling that you think would work for your family.  My entire plan is based loosely upon the Fly-Lady method. Just use a search engine to pull up the name and you’ll find her website full of tips-I’d recommend the book though as it contains everything you need and you won’t be filling your inbox up with “email clutter” that way. Again-use what works best for you, there are tons of books and ideas out there. Read reviews, ask an organized “put together” friend you know, and piece things together until you get the perfect system for you!

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