Lunch Date with Mom

Today, I had a date for lunch.  Call it an early Valentine Celebration.  It was with the most handsome man around!  he is so adorable; he makes my heart shiver and skip when I see his big brown eyes.  With lashes to die for, and a speckle of freckles across his nose, his thick brown wavy hair tops this good-lookin’ guy’s dimple-pinchin’ cheeks.  Ooooooooo!  Look out!

I sincerely hope that “ya’ll” can keep a secret.  My little lunch date was (shhhh… whispering now….) with another “man”.  LOL!  Be sure my hott-hubby Dan doesn’t see this post.  Te-he-he!  For, today I had a date with an eight year old!  And yes, this little man, indeed, knows how to steal his mommy’s heart for Valentine’s Day.

After an appointment in town, I thought it would be a hoot to stop by Warm Springs Intermediate School and eat lunch with our little third grader.  Earlier this year, I had lunch with his brother over at the elementary school.  Violet, at the ripe ole age of 11 won’t allow me to join her for lunch anymore.  Guess she is opposed to the coolest mom in town stopping by the local middle school to eat lunch with her.  Guess she is against the idea of hanging out with mom while out with her sixth grade friends.  Hummm….  After what happened today, maybe this is why!

Since I pretty much knew that Violet would say “no!”, I approached the ever introspective Isaac about joining him and his third grade friends for lunch.  The school encourages parent involvement, so I thought it would be a fun pre-Valentine’s date with my oldest son.  His response was (and I kid you not), “Why, yes!  Yes, mother!  That would be a delight!”  (Have I told you he’s a reader… this is, honestly, how he talks!)

Okay, so it’!  At precisely 11:10 a.m., I arrived and checked in the office to join Isaac for the school’s chicken parmesean, spaghetti, salad, applesauce, and a roll.  And we were off!

Standing in line, I encountered several colleagues from my substitute teaching days.  It really was fun.  And, I was so proud of my manly, little man, Isaac.  He was so polite and courteous; sure to show me the procedures, where to get supplies, and, of course, to be sure to get the chocolate milk.  It’s better!

As we approached our cafeteria bench, I slid myself in the row next to Isaac and another random third grader whom, to this day, I have no clue who he is; but, he gave me quite the enthusiastic “HELLO!  Mrs. Hott!  Are you Isaac’s mom?”

“Why, yes!  Yes.  I am!”  was my reply in my best Phineas voice ever!  I must admit, I was really tickled when the fellow third grader got my joke.  (Sometimes, I am the only one that laughs at my jokes!)  LOL!  We laughed!  We giggled.!  We roared… just a little too loud, because:

That was when I first got in trouble.  Yes, much to my embarrassment, the entire table of boys around Isaac and I immediately went, “SHHHHHHHH!”!  What did I do?

“Mom,” whispers Isaac.  “You’re not allowed to talk.  We have to wait until everyone is served.” 

Oh.  Sure wish I knew that.  How embarrassing.  Golly, I hope Isaac invites me back.  I have to bite the inside of my lip to keep from chatting away.  (Don’t tell Dan this either.  He’s always telling me I talk too much.  Deal?)

Finally!  We are allowed to speak.  By this time, my lunch is nearly completely consumed, as is Isaac’s.  And we begin to engage in conversation.  I get it.  If the lunch lady didn’t have the students quiet for an amount of time, no one would eat anything.  Of course!  I, for one, can understand that.  (I am always the last to finish; guess that’s why – can you see the light bulb?)

Isaac then goes to the cooler to get a cup of water to finish off his lunch.  When he returns, he slides back on the cafeteria bench with me and about 150 other third graders.  As I continue to chatter away with his friends, I reach over my sectioned lunch tray to give my roll a start, and that’s when it happened.

I knocked over Isaac’s fresh cup of ice cold water.  The only spill in the entire third grade.  Down over the table, just missing my jeans, to the floor.  Checking my jeans, I realize that thankfully, I am dry.  Looking over at Isaac now, I realize why.

The cup of water landed squarely (and coldly) in Isaac’s lap.  I did that.  I spilled my drink at lunch and managed to launch it all over my son.  He was soaked.

Can you say “embarrassed”?  It’s no wonder Violet won’t let me have lunch with her at school.

“But the child’s mother said, “As surely as the LORD lives and as you live, I will not leave you.” So he got up and followed her.”  – 2 Kings 4:30

And to my children as I watch you grow and evolve, sometimes you may not “allow” me to join you.  I understand this.  You are growing up and discovering who you are.  But, no matter how old you get, “I will not leave you.”  No matter where you may go, “I will not leave you.”  No matter what you do, “I will not leave you.”

I know that the Lord lives in each of your hearts; and, with that, you can go anywhere… even if , today, it’s just to lunch.  So, today I want to thank Isaac for hanging out with mom for lunch.  Although I am sorry to soak you, I am grateful for the moment now and will cherish our times when you are little.

For tomorrow, you’ll be too big for a lunch date with mom.

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