Faith and Business 101: Setting Your Focus

I recently was watching a Christian marriage comedian who was talking about the differences in men and women’s brains. He said that men have single boxes and in each box is a single topic or thought. The boxes don’t touch, and they’re only accessed one at a time. He then went on to say that females brains are like a big ball of wire, constantly touching, interconnecting, and buzzing with electricity.

I just had to laugh because it’s so true. Another good comparison of this in my own life is when it comes to me and hubby and our internet browsers. He only ever has one tab open at any given time–two if he’s feeling crazy or needing to compare something. And me? Well 2 is my minimum, and normally we’re talking 6 or 7 tabs open that I’m constantly flipping between. As a woman you are probably guilty of the same thing, we just love to multi-task! And it’s a good thing too, otherwise we’d never get all we need to do, done!

However, this can be a bad trait at times too. Before I opened this article to write it I made myself close those tabs. If I’d left them open my eyes would keep straying, seeing that new emails have come in-so I’d stop to check it, which would make me hop to Facebook, which then leads me to Twitter, which reminds me to check something on a retail site….which 30 minutes from now makes me remember that I am supposed to be writing!

Setting your focus on one task–(and sticking with it!!) is crucial for time management and finding balance. If you can learn to do this with your business it will help you accomplish so much more! Instead of 2 hours to write out an article you can get it done in 20 minutes. Instead of all day to complete phone calls set an hour aside and get it all done back to back.

Lately I’ve been forced into working only when my son is asleep (he’s at that lovely 18 month old age–just big enough to get into everything but not quite old enough to really know not to). At first I was distressed–how on earth will I fit everything I need done into a 2 hour slot of time? Instead I’ve found that when I have a deadline, focus, and priority list many times I’m getting much more work done than I was before when I was trying to string it out throughout the day.

Challenge yourself to set aside a block of time and focus on your task list and don’t allow distractions! You will be happily surprised with the results!

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