Walk on Walls?

Sometimes, I just have to wonder where he comes up with this stuff!  After school, Levi has his own bit of a routine.  The first item on his agenda after coming off the bus is when we normally catch all the latest headlines for the day.  Now, if I share this with y’all, please don’t let Levi know that I told you this.  He would shoot me for sure!

From the moment the boys feet hit the ground from Bus 102-12, the chatter begins.  Lately, their sister Violet, has been gone for track practice; so, the conversation is more centered on “boy things” like Bey Blades, Renekai cards, forbidden four letter words, bodily noises, and buggers.  (Seriously!… why boys think that is so funny is beyond me.)

By the time we reach the house, back-packs barely make it in the door before shoes are off and socks are scattered.  (Another thing that puzzles me:  why our boys insist on leaving dirty socks all.over.the.house!)  Immediately, barefooted 8 year old Isaac picks up the Lego he left earlier that morning before school.  Not 7 year old Levi.  No.  He makes a bee-line straight for the bathroom.

It’s like it is his first stop in days and days!  And all the while, he continues to talk.  When he runs out of things to say, well…. he will sing to his heart’s content.  Lucky for us we don’t have any neighbors or one would think we were rehearsing for a Broadway show.  If I have to hear The Fold sing the Ninjago theme song one more time, I will surely loose my mind!  (Actually, this is a pretty cute video though.  The little red ninjago is adorable; I think, because it reminds me of the boys dressing up as ninja’s!  Check it out here: youtube.com/watch?v=5VJ7lGVjL8k )

Sorry.  Back to Levi in the potty after school.  It never fails that he will call me in there to discuss the importance of the origins of the universe.  Just mom and Levi.  Alone.  In the bathroom…  Again!

Do your kids do this?  I mean, really!  I can be thinking of the countless things to do in the early evening after school rather than sitting with Levi on the toilet.  And it’s not just him, either.  It seems that all of my four kids enjoy the one on one time, even in the bathroom.  And if I attempt to finish a few things before appearing there to keep him company, well… Levi just talks louder and LOUDER!  It was last Wednesday, that really made me stop and think.  That’s when he said this:

“How do lady bugs get to walk on the walls without falling off? And, how come I can’t?!”

Levi, in his curiosity, was actually angry.  It was as if he was the only little boy in the world that couldn’t walk on the walls with the bugs.  Really, why was Levi excluded from this awesome ability, Mom!  Why?!  In his tone, he was accusing me of withholding valuable information on why he was left out.

Eager to relinquish my mom guilt for Levi’s lack of defying gravity, I found myself wondering the same.  Hummmm…  Another one of those kid questions that before I attempt to explain, I was actually wondering  just why certain abilities are given to some, even insects,  and not others.  Really, it’s this kind of stuff that keeps me up at night.

So, when I arrived, finally, in the bathroom (not soon enough for Levi), there on the door was an adorable lady bug crawling UP.  Last week was unseasonably warm here in West Virginia; so, there were an unusually number of creepy crawly things to be found – including the ever popular lady bugs, earlier than normal.  Seeing me, Levi adds “So, what’s up with that, Mom?  If you’re a lady bug, you don’t have to obey the laws of gravity?  Well!  THAT’s just not fair, is it!?”

Trying to consider this, I had to stop for a moment and wonder why an insect has the privilege of walking up the wall and we don’t.  Racking my mom brain for a logical answer with something to do with the differences between insect legs and human’s, all I can think of is this:

“Thank you, God, that my boys can’t walk on walls!”

Out of the mouth of babes and infants, you have established strength because of your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger.  – Psalm 8:2

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