Faith and Business 101: Meeting Solutions

Multi-Level marketing company consultants, work-from-home businesses with more than one person in it, mom business owners with a Virtual Assistant, and Virtual Assistants all have at least one thing in common. That one thing is that they have to redefine normal meeting scenarios because they operate under a total different structure than a brick office building with a conference room does.

Meetings, touching base, and everything that entails are still vitally important in each of these scenarios, however. Without regular interaction on a face-to-face level things can become frustrating and miscommunication easily happens. When your team is in multiple states the option of getting together is just not possible, however.

Thankfully there are so many great options these days to solve this problem! I’m sure in any business you run you are already set up with email. Be sure to have a dedicated email for each business that you have. Although having 3 or 4 emails is not exactly fun, it does help greatly to let you focus in on *just* what you need to be focusing on at that moment.

Facebook Groups are a GREAT way to keep day to day tabs on your team and little things that pop up. In both companies that I work for we have several groups within the company–one for everyone, and smaller groups for all the leaders/executives. This gives us a fast and easy way to bounce ideas off of each other that are shorter than a normal email would require. You can set the groups to private or closed, so no one but the team members even will know it’s there!

Skype is a wonderful option if you just have one person to work with. It gives you the chance to talk “face to face” and hash out things–all for free! If you have a few people to conference with you can pay for the subscription.

If you’re in a company with many people and where you need to have regular group meetings, show things on your computer, etc, you should look into webinar software. The company I help run uses an amazing platform that allows the 3 leadership members to be on camera, screen share, and record the meeting for later watching if anyone had to miss it. It’s been invaluable for us!

With a little searching online and asking around you can find the perfect solution to your meeting problems, and your production will greatly increase because of it!

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