Faith and Business 101: 20 Productive Tasks To Do When Internet Connection is Lost

It happens. It’s not the end of the world when you lose your Internet connection. When you work online and you depend on your Internet to be working all of the time, it’s disheartening when suddenly it disappears on you, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be productive offline.

Here are 20 productive tasks you can do in your business while you wait for your Internet connection to come back:

1. You know that your Internet connection can cut out at any given time and the same goes for your hard drive. Now is the time to get your external hard drive and backup all of your important files, documents, photos and other things that are important to you. Give yourself some peace of mind and do this on a regular basis.

2. Brainstorm ideas for your business whether it’s for blog posts, writing, marketing campaigns and so on. Two heads are better than one, so call or meet up with a friend or discuss it with your Virtual Assistant.

3. Grab a pen and notebook, go outside and start writing the old fashioned way. Use this time to outline some articles, blog posts, draft proposals, thank you notes, tweets or FaceBook posts.

4. When was the last you time you cleared the mess out of your home office or working area? When was the last time you filed your documents?

5. You can re-decorate your home office. If you need inspiration, use a board to pin inspirational messages or photos. Do you want to add color or perhaps a vase filled with fresh flowers from your garden?

6. Make or return your business phone calls.

7. If you have a YouTube account, you can create new vlogs.

8. Take the kids out to the park, socialize and find ways to network with other moms and dads. It’s not hard to find ways to talk about your business when you’re passionate about it.

9. Head to the library to do some research.

10. Balance your books.

11. Evaluate your business budget.

12. Evaluate your marketing campaigns and advertising dollars. Do they need tweaking? How much advertising money do you have left this month?

13. Check your invoices. Are you ready to pay out your affiliates? How about invoicing your clients?

14. Evaluate your rates. Are you charging enough?

15. Check your work load. Do you want more clients? Do you have too many? Do you have difficult clients? What are your solutions?

16. Update your portfolio. Does your resume need re-working?

17. Catch up on reading your ebooks or hard cover books.

18. Create graphics for banners, logos, ebook covers, or business cards.

19. Update a to-list for your Virtual Assistant.

20. Take a breather for yourself.

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