Faith and Business 101: 7 Tools

What do you have to make your work at home business easier? For many having a Virtual Assistant (VA) is something they can’t live without or maybe it’s their web designer, social media expert or their business coach. Whatever it may be, there are tools that can help you make your business run smoother and help you be more organized so you can be out there making more money.

7 Important Home Business Tools:

Good Internet Connection
It’s no secret, when you work your business from home, you need reliable Internet to access your email, website, social media and other important things. You have to be able to access all of these things and having a slow or poor Internet connection will only slow down your day and makes things more difficult and frustrating for you.

External Hard Drive
It’s important to have an external hard drive to back up your important things from your desktop computer. Remember those family vacation photos to Disney World? Yeah, if your hard drive crashes, it’s unlikely you’ll still have those photos. How about your business documents or back ups of your blogs? Buying an external hard drive is a good and important investment for peace of mind.

Surge Protector
There’s a reason why you shouldn’t use your computer during a thunderstorm because it can cause a power surge that will fry your hard drive. You’d be lucky if you’re able to recover it.

Form Filler
Form filler software like Roboform makes remembering your log in details a snap. Since it’s important to use different passwords for all your accounts, this auto-form filler makes it painless.

Email Marketing Software
Aweber is a popular choice for sending out ezines or newsletters to your subscribers. You can easily manage your subscribers, deliver auto-responders, and get over 150 HTML templates and more.

Evernote or Drop Box
These two tools are similar in what they do. You can store notes, capture photos and store documents online. They can also be synced with your computers and mobile devices. Drop Box is mainly for syncing, file backup and storage, while Evernote is for syncing and note storing.

What’s nice about Evernote is they have different utility programs to work for different things, For example, Evernote Clearly removes distractions like ads and focus on just the content for an easier reading experience.

Invoice and Billing System
FreshBooks is a great application for managing your finances like invoicing your clients, tracking your work hours and tracking your expenses.

What business tools do you use to help with your home business?

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