Handprints for Mother’s Day

By the time y’all read this column, many will have spent yesterday celebrating mothers both here and passed.  For those of us with toddlers to teens, we may have been honored with special tokens of love.  As a volunteer at a weekly community church program called GoFriends!, I saw first hand oodles of precious crafts from hearts, hand prints, to planted flowers in red solo cups nonetheless, LOL!  All were beautiful and carefully crafted by children eager to share their prize with mom on Mother’s Day.

With my forth and last little one to climb the ranks of elementary school here in our town, I was thrilled to see my Levi barrel across the church to show me his gift.  Unable to wait until the actual day, I was honored with my creation three days early, when he got off the bus for GoFriends!.

As he ran down the aisle of the church, I could see the large picture with Levi’s painted hands framing a poem carefully colored by my little artist.  From two pews away, I recognized the three paragraph rhyming story.  You see, it was the exact.same.poem each of his older siblings presented me with on Mother’s Day when they were in first grade.

Surely he remembered seeing this posted to the kitchen wall.  (Well, actually, many are still there!)  I couldn’t wait to get home to add his first grade handprints next to Caity, Violet and Isaac’s.

Whether your little ones are adults now or still running around your house, here is my favorite Mother’s Day poem shared by each of my four children (I hope you too will treasure it’s meaning):

Sometimes I might upset you

Just because I’m small

By leaving fingerprints of mine

On a table, chair or wall.

But everyday I grow a bit

And I’ll be big one day

When all my tiny fingerprints

Have long been cleaned away.

So keep these prints of my two hands

To help you to recall

Just how big my fingers were

That time when I was small.

Mother Teresa once said “We can do not great things, only small things with great love.” Thank you Levi, for my Mother’s Day gift.  Although you are the smallest Hott in the house, all you (and your siblings) do is always with great love!

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  1. Robin Pack on May 14, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    I remember (and still have) those handprints & poem as well. Those last one’s of Calebs before he got sick are so so so very precious to me, as well as the older two’s.

  2. Angie Hott on May 15, 2012 at 7:38 am

    Hi Robin, the same poem? Wow…that’s cool! I know what you mean; each is precious and have a special place on your heart, don’t they? Sometimes, I wonder if Jesus made handprint pictures for Mary…
    love, a

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