Faith and Business 101: What Can I Do?

The main questions I get asked all the time about my work from home jobs are, “What do you do?” and “What can I do to make money from home?” This is always slightly tricky to answer, as I do have a few work from home jobs, they all bring in monthly income, and I love them. The tricky part comes into the fact that they all (nearly) fell into my lap. As I mentioned in my networking post–even in the world of working from home, as in the workforce outside the home, many times it is all about who you know!

In answer to the second question I always turn it around on the person. The question is, “What CAN you do?” A good place to start is to take a few moments and list all of your talents, education, and qualification. Just because you want to run a blog and make money from it doesn’t necessarily mean you *should*. If you have never had an interest in writing and it’s never been a big part of your life you will probably not make it big with a career where it is so very vital. I am successful at my Virtual Assisting jobs because they are exactly what I was doing in offices before, and what my degree is in. Because of my Accounting classes I’m qualified to run my companies payroll each month.

The best way to figure out what work from home job works for you is to take some brainstorming time–once you have your list you then need to search around for a job that matches your skill set, your passions, and is currently in demand. I love and was talented at digital scrapbook pages–but due to easy photobook sites and new software my services weren’t in demand enough to give me the income I needed. There has to be a need or demand for your talents or products. Thankfully the possibilities of making money from home in this age are pretty much only limited to your imagination! So get out there and do some searching!

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