Do You Have the “Back-to-School” Blues?

I do!  It seems like only yesterday that the Hott kids were celebrating the beginning of summer vacation.  Now, along with various friends that frequent our house here on Hott  Mountain, they are all singing the “Back-to-School Blues!” —including me!

Tonight, we all return to meet the teachers and reunite with friends and parents after a long, lazy Summer 2012.  So, why is it that this 47-year-old-Hott-mama-of-four is singing the blues?

Well, let’s see.  Are my three school age children ready to begin Monday morning?  Have we successfully completed finding all the necessary items on the “Back-to-School” supply list?  Hummmm….

Our list goes something like this:

  • Clothes for School – Check!

After two full days of shopping, we have managed to find appropriate sizes and styles to equip a budding 2nd grader, another 4th grade boy, and finally, our 7th grade daughter!  Thanks to JCPenny’s and Old Navy, we were able to purchase $10 jeans!  Did you see that?  This came in quite handy as it seems Violet,  Isaac, and Levi have all grown out of their britches over the summer!

  • Sneakers – Check!

How can it be that since May both my boys feet have grown two sizes?  Thankfully, Super Shoes had $10 off on boys shoes.  After purchasing shoes from Payless that disintegrate after about four weeks, I invested in some Nike sneakers.  I’ll have to let you know if they hold up.  Is this just a boy thing or what?  You know, my girls could both keep their shoes looking new until their feet would no longer fit.

  • Supplies – Check!

Hott-hubby Dan actually had the pleasure of shopping for supplies at Target with both our boys while our daughter raced through Aeropostle looking for the latest in Middle School fashions.  I must admit, I am not sorry that I missed this adventure with our sons (poor Dan); however, it was crazy watching Violet shop for school clothes.  Mom just doesn’t know the need to accessorize, I guess!  Yikes!  Finally, I just quit making suggestions.

  • Master Card – Check!

How does that commercial go?  “For everything else, there is Master Card!”  One needs a small loan to equip this family!  What do you do if you have even more than three children in school?  My heart goes out to you, seriously!

What is on your list?  Help me out here; have I missed anything?  Oh, I hope not.  After two days of school shopping for three children, I need a nap.   The last thing I want to do is return to the stores for more school shopping!

But as I look back over my list above, it’s really not so bad.  Is it?  It reminds me that not so long ago, we were also getting Caity, our oldest prepared for school, and later college.  Yes, there was a time when Dan and I did prepare four children for school.

Now, Caity is out on her own.  She is working and living in the big city.  Eventually, one by one, our annual frenzy at the end of summer with “Back-to-School” will become a little less hectic as each Hott child ventures out on their own too.

I guess this is what really has me singing the blues… and wishing summer could last just a little bit longer.  Please?

“For the promise is for you and for your children and for all who are far off, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to himself.” – Acts 2:39

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