Polly Pocket – Review

My little girl loves all things small. She has ever since she was very little. She will always go for the smaller Polly Pocket sized toys over the large dolls. She creates cities and zoos and many places for her treasured friends to play in. I just love her imagination!

Polly Pocket is one of her absolute favorite toys and when I had the opportunity to try out a new type of Polly, I jumped at the chance…er…well…for my little one, of course! ;)

She got two new Polly sets, one was a “Hangout House” playset and the other was a Patio. They both came with so many fabulous accessories. The house has a swing (wish MINE did…LOL), tub, toilet, fridge, table, chairs, adorable animals–including a top floor pool, doll and several other wonderful things. The patio was smaller, but still came with several goodies; a grill, a serving hut, chairs, doll and an adorable chameleon! Soooo much fun!

All those things are great, but that’s not even the best part! My Our favorite things about these Polly toys is the new “Stick ‘n Play” mini suction cups they have on EVERYTHING! No more bumping into the toy and hearing; “Mooooom! You knocked over my Pollys!” Yes! When this Momma is cleaning the house and walks by my little girl’s Polly Pocket Hangout, there will no longer be an unexplained natural disaster in Polly Land! :) My daughter told me that is her favorite part too. Plus, in her words, she liked; “all the COOL stuff, Mom!” This toy is a winner in my book and my sweet girl’s.

One other thing that is really ideal about this product is that with the new “Stick ‘n Play” feature, we can take these toys on road trips. No more… bored comments from the back seat. No more… I am tired of reading comments. No more complaining, because, NOW we have a fabulous… mess free toy for her to play with! Yay! I win!

Side Note: The Polly Pocket website is pretty cool as well. They have a very lively site with games and stuff that any little girl will love!

Disclosure: My daughter and I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. We received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating. However, our opinions are our own!

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