An O-mazing Weekend

Have you ever had a simply amazing weekend outing with your family that you just didn’t want to end?  When, at the conclusion of the outing, have you looked back over the adventure and wondered “how did this weekend go by so fast”?  While immersed in an exciting family escapade, has it seemed so far removed from your daily life events that you found yourself forgetting all the crazy, yucky conflicts back at home?  While away, did you get that complete feeling in your heart like “yeah…. That’s what I’m talking about”?

Am I making sense?

Well, here at the Hott house, we just returned from a quick family outing.  No, we didn’t fly off to some exotic island.  We didn’t spend the day at Disney World.  Nope.  We didn’t even go very far from home.

But we did do something for the very first time!  You may find this crazy; especially since there were 40,000 other people at the same place with us.  Yes.  It.was.packed!  But, you see… for thousands of other families, this is something that has been done many times before.  For the Hott’s… it was our first!

We went to a major league baseball game!  Yesterday, we ventured to Baltimore, MD; checked in a Marriott; and took the kids to see the Orioles play the New York Yankees. Although I have been to a game once before and we have seen a couple minor league small games, this was by far an “O-mazing” night!  It was really cool to watch Levi grooving to the music and Isaac cheering at the top of his lungs!

With $5.00 hot dogs (can you believe it?), it was quite an exciting game!  With a double out in the ninth inning, the O’s came home with a win much to the demise of all the Yankee fans attending.  I was surprised by the cheering which continued well into the parking lot miles from the stadium.  The debate over the final call was still going on in the elevator this morning from an upset Yankee heading back to the game this afternoon.

We headed home for Levi’s soccer game… which was also “o-mazing!”  Far from the major leagues, it was super fun sitting with the parents and cheering on our little soccer stars!

Oh, by the way, “o-mazing” is a new phrase I learned last night at the Orioles game.  I realize the 40,000 fans there last night have heard it before; but for me, it’s a new word!  Like it?  I do!

But not near as much as I like spending the weekend with my “o-mazing” family.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”   – Matthew 18:20

Even at an O’s game?  I wonder…

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