20 Simple Ways to Save Money

The economy is still in rough shape and has been for awhile. There is no way of knowing when or if it is going to end anytime soon. Because of this, it would be unwise to spend beyond your means. So, finding ways to save money in your every day life will make small differences now, while offering big differences later on.

20 Money Saving Tips

1. Deductions
Find out what tax deductions you can get from your home, business, etc. Many people do not get the deductions due them simply because they do not realize they are there! I use Turbo Tax online. Ever since I started using them, I have noticed better results each tax season. Definitely consider some sort of tax consultant, service or software that covers all the bases.

2. Coupons
Why pay full price when you don’t have to? You can get coupons everywhere — online coupon sites, flyers, in-store. It can be time consuming, but so worth it. Only clip what you need or you’ll be wasting money instead of saving money.

3. Freeze Leftovers
Freezing leftovers reduces the chance of spoilage and allows you the opportunity to actually eat them. Every extra meal is more money in your pocket.

4. Buy Bulk
Opt to buy in bulk especially meats when you can portion it and get many meals from it. Buy bulk in non-perishable food items and household cleaning items.

5. Reuse and Recycle
You can re-purpose jars and other items to use in your home. Whenever, you can recycle and use your compost to make soil. Before you buy something new, check Freecycle.org, Sally Ann or other thrift shops. Second hand shops are good if you’re looking for small things to furnish your home. For example, sofa or chair cushions can be re-upholstered.

6. Home and Auto Insurance
Shop around for home and car insurance. Sometimes having insurance from one company for your home and car will save you a bit of money than if you purchased them separately from different companies.

7. Quit Smoking (if you smoke)
Realistically, there are many Christians who do smoke. It is an expensive habit and it also causes cancer. Be a better steward with the temple God gave you. Quit smoking.

8. Set Aside Money
Put money aside from each pay check into another account that is your nest egg.

9. Banks
Research banks for lower maintenance fees.

10. Enter Giveaways
Enter giveaways to win items. You can win anything from food items, health & beauty, books and much more.

11. Comparison Shop
Don’t buy right away. Do your research on the product, then wait a month, and then see if you still want it.

12. Reduce Credit Cards
Get rid of credit cards that have high fees, if possible have a credit card that offers rewards or cash backs. Use only one credit card and always pay the full amount. Better yet, use cash only.

13. Entertainment
Entertain more at home. Have pot lucks with friends.

14. Ditch the Junk Food
Junk food may be cheaper, but when you put it in perspective, healthier foods keep you fuller and are better for you which mean less health problems.

15. Transportation
Drive when necessary and make your appointments in one day. Bike, walk or use transit for light shopping days or for other errands.

16. Shopping Malls
Avoid shopping malls if you don’t need to be there. Using it as a place to kill time or hang out means you’ll probably end up buying something you don’t really need.

17. Car Tires
Check your car tires. They should have the right amount of air in them. Too much or too little burns more gas.

18. Grow a Veggie Garden
Grow more veggies so you have a good harvest come fall. If you grow fruits, learn how to can and when you have veggies, you can freeze them.

19. DIY Repairs
Do your own repairs first before calling a repairman. Regular house inspection and maintenance will prevent many unexpected things to break all at once.

20. Affordable Housing
If you rent a place, find a location that may be cheaper. If you own a home, consider renting out the basement of your home. This rent money can help pay your mortgage.

How do you save money? What saving money tips do you have? I’d love to hear them!

 Every prudent man deals with knowledge, but a self-confident fool exposes and flaunts his folly. – Proverbs 13:16

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