Preventing Mr. Snee Zee {Cold Prevention Tips for Moms}

The cold and flu season is fast approaching and with it every mom’s nightmare–sick children… or even worse… a sick husband!!!

I am lovingly referred to as the “Sanitizing Queen”, by those who love me, so I thought I would share the tactics I use to prevent sickness in our home. For me, it is a battle that I fight hard to win every year and have become quite the conqueror!

5 Cold Prevention Tips for Moms

Keeping “Mr. Snee Zee” at bay is not as hard as one would think–if they are willing to do a few preventive measures…

1. Train Your Family. It is important that everyone knows if they encounter a sick friend or person, they need to avoid contact with them. It is not personal… they just do not want to wind up the ooey gooey snotty mess that the person they encounter has become. Avoid them! Stay away! I am always reminding my children of this. I mean, they still need to be in the general vicinity in some cases. However, I have made it a point to let them know they need to avoid direct contact with sick people and things sick people touch. I have had to teach my darling hubbie this as well! ;)

2. Wash Hands. Everyone should wash their hands after using the restroom, before and after meals and throughout the day as needed. This is especially important when out of the house. I have trained my children to be very careful in public restrooms as well. Wash hands and touch nothing in there afterwards without a dry paper towel in hand! Clean hands and good hygiene are an excellent cold preventative measure.

3. Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize… Repeat! This goes hand in hand with tip 2. Send your kids out of the house with mini sanitizers. They fit right in their pockets and if you have done your job training them, they will be sure and use it throughout the day. Both of my girls carry mini hand sanitizers with them wherever they go… and they use them! We also keep a sanitizer in the car, and when we get back in the car from a store, I give everyone a quick quirt. This may sound fanatical, but, I will do whatever I can within reason to prevent a visit from Mr. Snee Zee. ;)

4. Eat Right. Diet is another important part of cold prevention. We need to eat a wide variety of foods, including, raw fruits and veggies, and plenty of vitamin C. A healthy immune system will fight off unwanted germs much better than one that is unhealthy and starving for good nutrition. I feed my family more foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants in the cold and flu season as an added measure of prevention.

5. Cold Prevention and Minimizing Aids. When you have done all you can do, and Mr. Snee Zee prevails anyway, there are still measures that you can take to limit the length of time and severity of many colds. I am a huge fan of a product called, Airborne. It is easy to use and power packed with vitamin C. I also use Cold-Eeze at the first sign of sickness. It works for me. I really do notice a less severe cold when I use it as directed. There are many options out there for cold prevention. However, always make sure to read the labels, because some of them are not recommended for younger children. However, you can up their raw fruits and veggie consumption that are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants instead.

Obviously, we cannot prevent every sickness from entering our bodies and our children’s bodies. And, it is good for our bodies to fight off sickness from time to time in order to build a healthy immune system. With that said, it is still a bummer when you are dealing with sick kids on a regular basis during cold and flu season. So, I hope that the tips above are useful to you in preventing Mr. Snee Zee from visiting your family!

Do you have any cold prevention tips to share? If so, please do below…

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