14 Frugal Thanksgiving Tips

November is the yummiest month of the year and I am thrilled that it is here again! Sometimes, I find it hard not to overspend during the entire holiday season! However, Thanksgiving… or any other holiday for that matter does not mean we can, or should blow our budget by overspending. You can have a wonderful meal with family and friends by spending within your means.

14 Frugal Thanksgiving Tips

Frugal Thanksgiving Tips #Thanksgiving1. Decorations
You don’t have to spend any money on decorations. Look outside your door and you’ll find a bounty of pine cones, chestnuts, acorns and colored leaves. They are all there for your taking. You can also do a Google search and have your kids make decorations using printables found online.

2. Coupons
You can save so much with coupons. Go to coupon sites on the Internet, find coupons from your local paper, and in-store coupons. Check out your stores’ sales before you head out on your grocery shopping trip so you can save more.

3. Simplify your Thanksgiving Dinner
Keep your Thanksgiving dinner simple. You don’t need to have two potato dishes. The least expensive to make is mashed potatoes. If you want to add something special to your mashed delights; add garlic, fresh herbs, or even cheddar cheese and sour cream.

4. Buy What You Need
Buy just enough perishable foods (not including meats). Bulk buying isn’t always best if you can’t eat it fast enough–unless you plan to divvy it up with other family members or friends.

5. Stock Up
Stock up on non-perishable foods when they are on sale. Don’t forget to check for expiration dates.

6. Shop Early
You’ll find the best selections when you shop early. Have a plan and make your shopping list. Try to avoid impulse buying when you’re standing in line at the check out.

7. Make Do with What You Have
You can use whatever ingredients you have on hand. Instead of buying bread crumbs, make your own by saving your old bread. If you have eggs, oil, lemon juice or vinegar and salt, you can make a simple homemade mayonnaise from scratch.

8. Buy Generic
Some brand name items are just not worth the money. In this case, go generic and save your cash. Keep an eye out though, as some generic brands may cost more than the name brand.

9. Price Comparison
When you’re shopping, do price comparisons. Some items are a better deal if you buy a bigger package. Don’t leave home without your calculator.

10. Shop Alone
You’ll get more done and be quicker when you leave the kids at home. Plus, you will be less likely to buy junk foods and such that you really did not need!

11. Buy Local
Go to a Farmer’s Market where you’ll find fresh fruits and other goodies at a lower cost.

12. Leftovers
Make use of leftovers by re-creating dishes simply by adding new ingredients. Click here for 30 great Thanksgiving leftover recipes!

13. Discount Stores
Check discount stores for lower prices than what’s offered at your regular stores. You can also take a trip to the fabulous dollar store!

14. Pot Luck
If you have a large family, rather then do all the work yourself, have everyone bring a side or dessert and you make the main meal. This will save you time and money! Plus, you will enjoy the many delights that your family members have to offer!

I hope that these 14 Frugal Thanksgiving Tips help you save money! Lesson: do not spend more than you are able to. It is ONE meal and it is not about how much money you put into it. Thanksgiving is about being thankful, spending time with loved ones, helping those in need, and remembering all the many blessings God has given you all year long!

What are your Frugal Thanksgiving Tips?

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  1. Sophia on November 2, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    I agree with #8. I found Philadelphia cream cheese was cheaper than the generic brand. For a moment, I thought the product was in the wrong spot. The generic brand was right beside it. I did a double take and nope, the brand name was cheaper. Weird!

  2. Faith_Mom on November 2, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    I have encountered that a lot too, Sophia! LOL! It’s always good to check, rather than assume! :)

  3. kim on November 2, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    Thanks for the tips.

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