15 Christmas Family Traditions

Christmas family traditions have been passed on through many generations. Many families carry on with the ones they grew up with or have added and create new ones. It’s important to have these traditions in your family as it creates a sense of who you are, where you come from and family unity. Research has also shown that families with traditions are far more likely to stay close than those who do not!

15 Christmas Family Traditions to Help Create Lifelong Memories

1. Sending Cards via Snail Mail
Sitting down and writing out Christmas cards has been a long traditional. Even with today’s technology of instant messaging and Facebook, it’s always nice to receive a real Christmas card in the mail that you can display in your home during the holiday.

2.  Caroling
For some, it’s not Christmas if you’re not out caroling. Friends would get together and sing Christmas songs out on the sidewalk, in front of malls or at a seniors’ home. Contact the seniors’ homes or hospital if you want to sing to their residents in the afternoon or evening.

3. Christmas Lights
Some people go all out during the Christmas season to decorate their homes. You’ll find a Christmas wonderland in their front yard. Your local paper would have an address list of where you can see these homes. As each year goes by, the decorations get bigger and better. I love doing this each year… I am quite the critique! LOL!

4. Church Services
Many churches offer a Christmas Eve service. While I have never gone on Christmas Eve since we have our own traditions, it is certainly a great way to spend ANY evening!

5. Gift Opening
Not everyone open their gifts on Christmas day. Some like to open one small gift on Christmas Eve. This is actually one of our traditions. Each family member gets to open one gift. We also have hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music and read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve!

6. Photos with Santa
You’ll find many parents and their kids lined up in shopping malls to get their kids’ picture taken with Santa.

7. Give to the Food Bank
That is what Christmas is all about and it’s a good way to teach your kids about helping others who are less fortunate. You can donate food or funds in any amount. You can also volunteer your time.

8. Volunteer
There are many places your family can volunteer and spare a few hours. Homeless shelters, youth shelters, women’s shelters, animal shelters, soup kitchens, children’s hospital, seniors’ homes etc. Keep in mind; most volunteer openings are booked months in advance so call before you go.

9. Donate a Gift to Children’s Hospital or Children’s Hospice
This teaches your kids the meaning of compassion. You can buy a new gift, make a gift, re-gift or have your child give away a toy they no longer play with (in good working condition only).

10. Holiday Baking
Making and decorating a gingerbread house is synonymous with Christmas. There are also gingerbread cookies, shortbread cookies, mincemeat tarts, lemon meringue pie, pumpkin pie, and other mouthwatering baked goods.

11. Home Decorating
You can get the entire family involved in decorating your home inside and out.

12. Buy a Christmas Tree
Going out and buying a real Christmas tree is a favorite for many families. Once you’ve chosen your special tree, you can decorate it. Choose someone to put on the topper.

13. Christmas Parade
Pick your spot and enjoy the music, marching bands, lights, dancers, festive floats etc. and wait for Santa.

14.  Christmas Breakfast/Brunch
Just like how you have traditional foods for Christmas dinner, some families enjoy a Christmas breakfast or brunch. Common foods include pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage with orange juice, coffee and tea.

15. Advent
this is actually something I have always wanted to do and will be doing it this year for the first time! There are so many advent calendars, ideas, etc. out there to help facilitate this idea. Just Google it!

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