Retro and Classic Gift Ideas for Toddlers

There will always come a time when you have to find a gift for a toddler. Birthdays and Christmas are the biggest occasions. Many educational games and toys available will give hours of fun and entertainment to the child who’s playing with them. You’ll also find a variety of toys that encourage imagination, creative play and social interaction. Look for toys that are not only age-appropriate, but will challenge your toddler. Classic toys like basic building blocks, puzzles, play-doh, or stacking toys never go out of style. They are enjoyed by kids from all generations.

6 Retro Toddler Gift Ideas

Note: Current models for the toys vary in size and color.

Fisher-Price Pull-Along Telephone
Toys R Us $7.99
Do you remember this telephone with four blue plastic wheels? It has a rotary dial that rings; a red handset and on the front is a face with a wide smile and beautiful blue eyes that blinked when pulled. Kids would play with this toy for hours.

Colorful Xylophone
Toys R Us $16.99
This colorful xylophone was extremely sturdy back then. It wasn’t too large, too small, or too heavy to carry around. It was well-made.

Fisher-Price Record Player
Amazon $39.98, Fisher-Price Online Store $25, Target $29.99
I remember it as being a square box with a wide arm. The records were colorful. I think there were about 4 or 5 records and they were stored on the side of the record player. I can’t recall the songs, but I’m sure they were fun.

Fisher-Price Pocket Radio
Similar item found at Amazon $15
It was a small radio with a wind up dial on the front. An arched picture window slowly moved when the song played. One song I remember was “Here We Go around the Mulberry Bush”. It had a plastic, flexible handle on the top so a toddler can carry it around.

Fisher-Price Story Camera
This was a camera with a variety of small disks with different stories on each disk. You would put the disk in the camera, look through the viewer and click the button to advance the story. The disks all fit in the slot at the back of the camera. Note: This is a vintage item, but you can find something comparable.

Fisher-Price See ‘n Say
Fisher-Price Online $14
This is shaped like a red barn with 16 animals. You use the arrow to point to the animal and then pull down the yellow lever to identify the animal and the sound it makes.

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