Bibliquiz – Great Bible App for Kids (and parents too)

Recently I had the opportunity to review a very cool app for kids called BibliQuiz. It is a Bible trivia type game geared towards kids.

Bibliquiz - Great Bible App for Kids (and parents too)

As a homeschool mom, I am always on the lookout for an educational tool for my kids. This is a GREAT app for homeschoolers. It is challenging, fun, and sure to help your kids learn many facts from the Bible.

What I really like about the BibliQuiz app is the simplicity. I mean there are so many apps geared towards kids out there that are so complicated just to get to the actual KID portion of the app, I wonder if the creators really think it through. However, with BibliQuiz, I can give my daughter the ipad and she has no problem getting to the game and playing.

I also like that it teaches kids about the Bible. They are not only asked trivia questions, they are also given facts about said question. For instance, if they get a question correct, many times, there is “more info” about the topic. There is also a section called “Bible Facts” that teaches various facts from the Bible.

Bibliquiz - Great Bible App for Kids (and parents too)The game has three levels: easy, medium, and hard. It also has a normal more, time test mode and unending mode. Plus, you can pick the types of questions that will be in a given game: Basic quiz, picture quiz, Bible characters, Book order, Bible quotes, this or that, Greek & Hebrew, Bible timeline and Fill in the blank. I love the variety.

However, I will say that this game is not for young children to play on their own. The questions can be really hard for them–even on easy mode. So, for me, I utilize it as one of the many tools for teaching my daughter more about the Bible. We go through them together and see what she knows. When we get to things she does not know, we talk about it and she has the opportunity to learn something new from the Bible that she did not know previously. If I just leave her to her own devises with some of the question topics, she get frustrated. So, my suggestion is to do what I do and participate with them–you will learn a lot as well! ;)

Now, for older kids this is an AWESOME game and opportunity to learn an abundance of facts about the Bible.

I highly recommend this app for any parent who wants to teach their kids about the Bible. I also think it is a great opportunity to to learn with your kids facts you may not have known. It really is fun for the whole family. As a matter of fact, I think you could turn it into a family trivia game, and keep score. If we make it fun for our children, they will be more apt to WANT to learn more about our loving God and His life giving Word.

Some fabulous news: From their Facebook page –  “If you like BibliQuiz on Facebook get a free Bible game for Mac, PC and/or even to feature on your website. No ads! No branding! No hidden viruses or spamming code! Just a fun free Bible game to play on your computer or to put on your site! Note: this game is not taken from Bibliquiz–it’s a fully unique game.”

OK, so, what are you waiting for?? Go download the BibliQuiz app today!

Disclaimer: BibliQuiz paid for advertising on Moms of Faith that also included a review of their product. However, all opinions are my own.

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