10 Free Apps for Busy Moms

Smartphones and devices are smart because they help busy moms stay sane while juggling the never-ending changing of hats. Thanks to some awesome free apps, you can once again find balance and sanity for your busy lifestyle! I love free things, so if you know of any other free apps that busy moms like me could benefit from–please share in a comment below!

10 Free Apps for Busy Moms

10 Free Apps for Busy Moms

1. Coupon Sherpa (not available for Canada)
You get hundreds of in-store coupons from the biggest brands. You can get online, printable and mobile coupons and grocery discounts.

2. Zip List
This handy app helps make meal planning/organization and grocery shopping a snap. You can store all your recipes, weekly planning, shopping list, check list and grocery deals with this app. Save and sort multiple stores where you shop in your profile making your shopping errands effortless.

3. Cozi Family Organizer
This is a must have for busy families. You will be able to manage and organize all of your family’s needs from school schedules, activities, appointments, errands, grocery shopping, to do list and so forth.

4. Mint.com Personal Finance
This free app will help you organize, manage and budget your finances and investments so you can save and earn more. You’ll be able to track your spending with charts and graphs. It will help you reach your financial goals; get alert notifications on paying bills, going over your budget or warn you of hidden fees.

5. Dragon Dictation
Use Dragon Dictation for those times you don’t feel like typing. This voice recognition app is fat for texts or emails.

6. My Cycles
Easily keep track of your menstrual cycles, ovulation and more.

7. Retail Me Not
Here’s another free coupon site where you can find awesome deals from big name retailers.

8. Scrabble
A classic game to play with your kids or by yourself while sitting in the doctor’s office; to kill time or to take a breather.

9. Pandora
Your personalized radio for music you enjoy listening to.

10. Gas Buddy
Find the lowest gas prices in your area.

OK, I hope that these free apps are a blessing to you! And, again, please share any that you think could be helpful for busy moms as well!

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