17 Tips to Help Organize Home

Getting your home organized starts with one room at a time. You don’t have to spend a lot, instead, you can re-purpose many of your old household items.

17 Tips to Help Organize Home

17 Tips to Help Organize Home

1. Start collecting some sturdy cardboard boxes. These are great for storing books or toys you want to donate to Goodwill. Don’t forget to label your boxes if you’re keeping your items in storage.

2.  Use an old ice cube tray to hold small items such as buttons, clips, push pins and or other small craft items. Ice cube trays are great for hubby to use in his work area.

3. Use small jars to hold spices, twist ties, elastic bands; decorate the jars to make into vases for decorative items. Use big jars to hold money!

4. Use an old dish rack for art supplies. Since we’re on the topic about dish racks, instead of putting your dish rack on the counter, put it in your sink. It will make your counter top look less cluttered.

5. Use a door hanger shoe bag for other items than shoes. You can use this for your jewelry or accessories.

6. Use a paper towel holder for spools of craft ribbons.

7. Install roll-out racks under the sink for cleaning supplies. You can also install a towel rack to hold your dish cloth.

8. Use a peg board to hang keys for the garage or storage shed; the dog’s leash.

9. Install racks on walls to hold laundry room accessories; they are great to keep things off the floor and it adds to any decor.

10. Utilize a desk organizer for your home office to keep everything within reach. You can keep your desk drawers neat and tidy too.

11. Use see-through bins so you can easily identify what are in the bins. You can also use under the bed storage bins for kids’ clothes and rotate them throughout the season.

12. You can use a coat rack to hang ties in the closet or hang your costume jewelry, hats, scarves etc.

13. When you’re looking to buy furniture, look for things that are practical and have storage space. An ottoman, for example, has many purposes. Look for ones that can store items. A bench with hidden storage under the seat works well in the mud room.

14. Get a plastic bag caddy to hang in your broom closet. Your plastic bags are neatly put away in the caddy.

15. Add hooks on the inside of doors to mount your broom, mop etc.

16. Use trays or dividers in your kitchen drawers. This helps keep things organized and it prevents it from becoming a junk drawer.

17. If you have a small or medium sized, clean flower pot, you can store your hair dryer and curling irons. Otherwise, you can find something inexpensive at the dollar store to keep your hair appliances in one area of the bathroom.

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  1. Rhonda @ herChristianHome on January 30, 2013 at 8:53 am

    Great tips here. I love #13. My hubby laughs at me because that’s my motto…if we’re buying a piece of furniture it better serve as “double duty”. .. I insisted on having a coffee table with storage drawers and an ottoman that had storage inside, etc. It really doubles the value of your money and helps you stay organized too.

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