22 Ways to Re-Use Newspaper

If you’re still a newspaper subscriber, what do you do with it after you have read it? Do you recycle it, or do you find some other use for it? Whether you are a green mom, or just someone who would like to make use of things you no longer need, these ideas are a fabulous way to make the most of the money you spent on your newspaper!

22 Ways to Re-Use Newspaper

22 great ways to re-use newspaper

1. Since newspaper is biodegradable, it can be used in your garden. It’s good for your compost box. Rip the newspaper in one inch strips and add other materials in your compost box such as leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds, vegetable peels, etc.

2. Make a newspaper pot or newspaper cup for your seedlings or young plants. Once they are large enough, you can transport the newspaper pot/cup onto the garden. You can easily make your own pot using a small jar.

I used a 250ml glass jar. Make sure the newspaper is long enough to wrap around the jar about two and half times. Make sure there is excess paper to tuck inside the jar. Lay the jar on its side with the bottom to the edge of the newspaper, roll it and then carefully tuck in the excess newspaper into the mouth of the jar without ripping the newspaper; use your thumb and index finger and firmly crease the rim. Lastly, grip the bottom of the jar and carefully remove from the newspaper. There’s your newspaper pot.

3. You can make paper mâché crafts using a balloon, box, jar, can, an old bowl, plate and etc.

4. There are many sections of the paper to use for gift wrapping. If you’re giving a gift basket, you can shred newspaper to use to line the basket.

5. Newspaper is good to wrap your fragile items for storage or when you’re moving house.

6. Using newspaper to clean your windows, mirrors or glass table tops will make them streak free and save you money on paper towels.

7. Newspaper makes great stuffing for scarecrows. They make tall boots stand up and prevent purses and soft shoes from losing their shape.

8. Use it to make origami.

9. Make a colorful kite.

10. Cut out words or phrases for scrap-booking.

11. Make a newspaper ball for cat to play with.

12. Line a bird cage or use it as bedding for a hamster etc.

13. Roll up a newspaper to swat flying insects!

14. Fold a newspaper to fan a smoke detector.

15. Protect your book cover. It’s great for kids’ school textbooks.

16. Create a knife blade cover, so that you are less likely to get nicked when rummaging around your utensil drawer.

17. Use it to shade a car windshield from the hot sun.

18. Spread newspaper on the floor when doing jobs such as woodwork, painting, kids’ crafts etc.

19. Use it to cover furniture or windows to prevent paint splatters.

20. Newspaper can also be used to make a template for crafts.

Feel free to share what you like to do with your old newspapers in a comment below…

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