10 Best Apps for Homeschoolers

iPads and tablets are great educational tools for both traditional and homeschooled students. They help immensely and make learning fun and exciting for your kids, plus it can go anywhere you go. Below are 10 apps you should check out.

10 Best Apps for Homeschoolers

Note: Not all are free, but have a look and see what is a good fit for your homeschool needs.

10 Best Apps for Homeschoolers
1. iLiveMath Animals of Africa $4.99 – For kindergarten to grade 6

Math can be a tough subject for many and students either love it or hate it. You can make math an enjoyable subject by finding apps that make math fun to learn and easy to follow.

There are three levels:
Level 1: Addition and subtraction with numbers 1-10
Level 2: Multiplication with numbers 1-50
Level 3: Percentages, mean, median, mode, and range with numbers 1-10

It’s a fun way for kids to solve math word problems using animals of Africa. After a certain amount of correctly answered questions, your child can view an educational video.

2. Algebra Touch $1.99
For students and anyone who would like to learn algebra with easy-to-follow diagrams and explanations.

3. US Puzzle Map – Free
It’s one way to learn about geography in the US. There are other countries available too for Europe, Asia, Japan, China, France, South America, Hong Kong, Africa, Italy, Australia, Korea, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Portugal.

4. World Atlas – Free or Your World – Free
Beautiful maps from around the world.

5. World Book – Free
This is an interactive, multimedia calendar that shows historical events on the current or selected day. Included are photos and links to related facts.

6. Project Noah – Free
Fun and educational app to share your wildlife encounters, help document, and learn about their natural environment.

7. Common Core Standards – Free
A reference for parents to quickly find standards in a specific grade, subject and subject category.

8. My Spelling Test – $0.99
This app help kids become better spellers and become their own spelling tutor. They can record their own voices as they say their spelling words. This app is good for young elementary school aged kids in grade one to three.

9. Kindle for iPad, Android or Windows 8 – Free
You don’t need to own a Kindle to read and buy books. You can easily download the Kindle app for iPad, Android or Windows 8.

10. Scribble Press – $3.99
This app allows kids to create stories and illustrations. They have the option to choose from over 50 story templates. These books can then be published in a global online gallery, shared with friends or made into real books with a real publisher.

Do you know of a great educational app for kids?? Please share it in a comment below!

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  1. Shannon Colcough on May 17, 2022 at 6:34 am

    I’m going to try out the spelling test app. Thank you for sharing.

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