20 Ways to Reuse Old Socks

I am convinced that washing machines eat socks–or, there are little elves that steal them some time between going in the wash, and before they come out of the dryer!! It may not be the complete pair that goes, however, there is often at least one sock missing out of every load of laundry I wash. I am certain that I am not alone! So, when this unexplained phenomenon happens to you, don’t get mad–get even! Take charge, and make it your mission to get creative, and make good use of your Lone Rangers! Or, less dramatic, just do it for fun! Either way, I hope you find these 20 ideas for old socks useful!

20 Ways to Reuse Old Socks

Below are 20 fun ways to you can reuse old and newly separated socks:

1. Hand Puppet
You will have to dig into your craft box and find eyes, yarn, buttons, felt or whatever you can find around your home to make a sock puppet. It would be interesting to see what kids can come up with designing their hand puppet.

2. Make an Animal Sock
How about a monkey sock? You can find tutorials and instructions on YouTube and Google.

3. Household Cleaning
Socks make cleaning easier. Put it on and you can clean your mirrors, counter tops, glass table, and windows.

4. Duster
Can’t find a microfiber cloth? Slip over your hand a sock and dust your monitor, TV, the nook and crannies and hard-to-reach places in your home or car.

5. Furniture Leg Cover
Kids’ socks would work nicely to cover table or chair legs to prevent scratching or markings on delicate floors. Little socks work well to prevent babies from scratching themselves.

6. Body Ache Bag
You can fill a tube sock with white rice and tie a knot at the end or sew it up and put it in the microwave for a minute or two and use it for your body aches, pain or soreness. Additionally, you can use it as a warmer for your hands or feet; if you store it in a large freezer bag and put it in your freezer, you can use it like an ice pack.

7. Catnip
You can add catnip or make a cat toy.

8. Small Item Keeper
You can store puzzle pieces, small toys and toy pieces and accessories. It’s also great for wrapping fragile items like Christmas decorations or champagne/wine glasses.

9. Pin Cushion
Roll up the sock to the elastic part and then flip it over to cover the ball. If it’s tight enough, you can leave it as is or you can sew it up or safety pin it.

10. Hand Weights
You can fill the sock with beans, pennies, marbles, or small stones and tie the end with a knot. Make sure it’s easy to hold.

11. Wrist Rest
Again, fill it with beans–or a soft fiber.

12. Stress Ball
You can fill with your choice of sand, salt, sugar or gravel.

13. Pot-Pourri
Fill it with your favorite scents and put it in your clothing drawer or hang it in your closet.

14. Spa Sock
Wear these socks when you’re moisturizing your feet with Vaseline, oils or lotions.

15. Golf Ball Holder
Store golf balls.

16. Golf Club Head-covers
It’s a temporary solution when you don’t have a proper cover for your golf clubs.

17. Bottle Insulator
It works extremely well with knee-high socks or calf socks. Cut off the foot part.

18. Toy for the Little One’s
Make a bean Bag or Hacky Sack Toy for Kids

19. Plant Stake Holder
Cut the socks into strips and tie around the stem and stake together to keep plants upright and close together.

20. Hair Accessories
Headband, hair ties, hair scrunchies for girls.

As you can see, sky’s the limit for repurposing your old and lonely socks! They do not have to go through life alone–waiting and hoping for their mates to return! Reuse your old socks and give them a new lease on life! ;)

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  1. Sheila on February 12, 2013 at 8:32 am

    Mismatched or worn socks make great packaging for Christmas ornaments. Just place one ornament in each sock and store until next year.

  2. Faith_Mom on February 12, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Great tip, Thank you, Sheila! :)

  3. Donna on February 15, 2014 at 12:03 am

    Oh, I never thought of some of these! Great tips!

  4. trisha on February 15, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    The catnip one is a great idea!

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