Kohl’s Groupie

This may sound weird to some, however, I am very new to the “Kohl’s” experience. :) Our first trip to Kohl’s was Black Friday 2010. We needed luggage for a trip we were going to be taking and their sale looked good. Now, I had heard about them from time to time from a few groupies friends that LOVE them. This, however, was my first time.

I was AMAZED at all the many affordable items they have. I mean this place is not only for the whole family, it has something for just about every room of your house as well. It’s like an all in one super/discount/brand name/shoppers dream store.

I was hooked from the get go–much to my husbands dismay. ROFL!

I am now assimilated and a part of the Kohl’s groupie list. This may sound ridiculous to those who have never been to Kohl’s–I know I was skeptical of its power. It is like a shoppers drug dealer. LOL! Everything you need is there at affordable pricing. Very affordable.

Since, my initial visit, I am a frequent shopper and LOVE their coupons that pull me back for more! LOL! I have found many cute outfits for my newly thin booty, shoes, jewelry, dresses for my little one, cool jeans for the teenager, and more–even hubbie has managed to find some great items.

Sadly, my husband is refusing to give in to peer pressure and does his best to discourage me from my need for a Kohl’s fix. However, I am his drug of choice, so I win more then I lose this battle! ;)

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