15 Tips to Help Busy Moms Spend More Time with their Kids

Life is hectic for any Mom. Unfortunately, for some of us, spending quality time with our kids may require a bit more creativity, however, it CAN be done! You don’t have to do anything special or have a lot of extra money to come up with ways to spend time with your kids. Most things you can do are staring you right in the face because some of these are things we do almost every day; we just have to know how to utilize it to our benefit.

15 Tips Help Busy Moms Spend More Time with their Kids

1. Have the kids help you prepare dinner. This is also a good time for you to catch up with what’s happening with your kids and school. You can use this time to help with your kids’ homework like with their spelling and math.

2. Having down time in the evening is a good way to wind down from a busy day. Use the evening to have family reading time or one-on-one reading with your child.

3. Take one day out of the weekend to spend with your kids. Find something fun to do. If you cannot take a whole day–even a few hours will be better than no time!

4. Go for walks together.

5. Make one day of the week a family night where you can watch movies, play a board game, or go bowling, for example.

6. Involve your kids in planning weekly dinners. Let them pick a meal and then have that child help you prepare and make dinner. If you have more than one child, the other child can help you clean up after dinner. This is one way to spend one-on-one time with each of your kids.

7. If you like to work out in the evenings, ask if your child would like to workout with you. Find an activity you can both do together like swimming laps, aerobics, riding the stationary bike etc. It is a great way to teach them to take care of their bodies AND spend quality time with them!

8. Finding time to bake is an enjoyment. Food tends to bring people together.

9. Work in the garden together planting flowers or vegetables. Unfortunately, weeding isn’t a lot of fun, but it can create good conversations between you and your kids.

10. Create a weekly ritual. For example, after church on Sunday, go for lunch and then do your grocery shopping or offer your volunteer services.

11. Have an open line of communication with your kids. It’s important to discuss your child’s day and find out what’s happening. Just as well, let your child know what’s happening with you at the office.
There’s no need to go into deep detail, but it would nice to let them know what happens in your world.

12. Going grocery shopping isn’t exactly fun, but you can make it fun. This is better suited for older kids to help you find what’s on your list.

13. Getting involved and giving your child a helping hand with their homework helps them become better students. Discuss their homework, help them get organized or help them study.

14. Have breakfast together instead of getting your breakfast on the way to work. This will also save you money and help you make healthier eating choices.

15. If you drive your kids to school, use this time to spend some time talking to your child. Make sure that you are listening and engaging them in the conversation, not just saying uh-huh. I struggle with this one. I know they want to KNOW that I am listening by the way I answer and how I engage them.

Whether you have small children or teenagers, it is important to invest your time in them. Being busy and having countless activities will not be what keeps you close as they get older…how you communicated with them and the time you spent with them will determine where the relations goes when they are in adulthood.

15 Tips to Help Busy Moms Spend More Time with their Kids

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