40 Days of Prayer for Our Nation: Day 15

If you are just visiting, we are on day fifteen of a 40 day prayer journey for our nation! We are unified and seeking a move of God! Please visit this page for more information about this 40 days of prayer, AND to grab some promotional images, hash tag ideas, etc., to help us promote this event, and tear down the gates of hell!

Let’s pray:

Father, God, we love You. You are awesome and mighty and faithful. Your love is never ending, and Your mercies stretch to the sky! You are the very breath we breath, and the Savior of our souls. We adore You, Lord.

Lord, we humbly come before You and plead for every government official not already mentioned–both upper and lower levels of government in this great country from north, south, east to west! We ask that You protect them, and their families today–and every day. We ask that You bless each of them, and that You help them to make right choices that please You. Where decisions have been made that are not Your will, we ask that You begin to change their hearts, and the hearts of those who are in leadership with them, so that they can make better decisions for the cities in this great nation. Where there is darkness and wrong motives, we ask that You open their eyes, and cause them to do right! Father God, we beg You to intervene, and help all of our government officials, staff, and workers to make the right choices for the cities in the United States of America. We thank You for hearing our prayer, Lord.

Thank You, Lord. We thank You for hearing us and caring for us. We thank You that we can come boldly before Your throne and not only be heard, but receive love, mercy, and grace! We love YOU! In Jesus’ Mighty, Loving, and Saving Name, amen!

He is the Rock; His deeds are perfect. Everything He does is just and fair. He is a faithful God who does no wrong; how just and upright He is! – Deuteronomy 32:4

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40 Days of Prayer for Our Nation: Day 15

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