15 Tips to Help Busy Moms Cook Healthier

Being a busy mom means you have to juggle your daily tasks in an efficient manner. It means that some days or most days, you may not be able to get everything done, but what is important is making simple, yet delicious, nutritious and healthy meals for your family. The following tips are sure to add some health to your meals!

Quick & Healthy Meal Tips Busy Moms

1. Save money by eating veggies in season
2. Opt for roasting, grilling, poaching, steaming
3. Use extra virgin olive oil
4. Use low sodium condiments
5. Use low fat dressings, sauces, low fat or non fat cottage cheese
6. Use whole wheat pastas or brown rice
7. Use skim milk in cooking or low fat yogurt
8. Trim excess fat from meats
9. Use fresh or dried herbs to season, they add more flavor
10. Low fat sour cream can replace heavy cream
11. Sour cream can be replaced with nonfat Greek yogurt
12. Use mustard in sandwiches
13. Use wholegrain breads
14. Choose lean meats
15. Use frozen veggies, avoid cans as they have added sodium

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15 Tips to Help Busy Moms Cook Healthier


  1. Anne on March 26, 2014 at 10:40 pm

    Great tips, we have switched to all whole grain breads, so even if we just have sandwiches for dinner it is better for us.

  2. Annie @ Mama Dweeb on March 26, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    Eating in season veggies is a wonderful tip! My mom used to get free veggies from friends with gardens.

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