Monsters University

It is always risky when making a sequel to any successful movie. Or, in this case, a “prequel”… You really have to go all out if you want it to come close to the success of the original. However, Disney and Pixar do pretty well with sequels.

Monsters University not only had many of our favorite characters from the first one, but we also had the privilege of meeting adorable new characters as well! We also got a chance to see why Randall was mean, how selfish Sully was, and how Mike was the most adorable little monster — ever!

Monsters University Movie Review

It is set at a time just before Mike and Sully met. You actually get to see them meet, and how they did not just start out as BFF’s. You are taken back to college years, sororities, school spirit, fun, and the life of those just starting out! They really captured the essence of life in college–without all the trash and negative elements that you would not want your kids to see. They done good! ;)

It had everything a mom wants in a movie, a great story, important lessons, loyalty, and nothing risky! It was also hilarious. I mean laugh-out-loud funny!

There really was not anything negative enough to even mention. Lessons were learned from mistakes, the value of true friendship was portrayed, and the potty humor was virtually non-existent.

Monsters University was AWESOME! I loved it!

Monsters University is a must-have for your kid-friendly movie list! Disney and Pixar knocked it out of the park!

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