Period Log Free – Menstrual Calendar App

I found this app by total accident while I was browsing through the app store one day, and I am so happy that I found it! This is a very handy little app for women. It has several features that are very helpful for those of us in their child bearing years as well!

Not only does it help you keep track of your periods, it also helps you to keep track of moods and changes in your body, so that you can track and compare. This is helpful, because you can figure out what triggers what if you pay attention to your diet and lifestyle.

Period Log Free – Menstrual Calendar AppAnother thing that is very useful when trying to get pregnant, is that it helps you track your best ovulating days.

It has many ways to help you track everything that has to do with your cycle. You can track when you are intimate, your weight changes, BBT, mood, how heavy your flow is, symptoms, fertility, etc. You can also make notes, and view charts to help you as well. It really is a great tool for tracking your menstrual cycle.

Oh, and the greatest feature the Period Log Free – Menstrual Calendar App has, is that it is FREE.

Check out the screen shots below to get a visual of some of the features and layout…

Period Log Free – Menstrual Calendar App

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