6 Fun & Educational Apps For Toddlers

It doesn’t matter what age you are, being surrounded by digital technology these days is impossible to avoid. The invention of a smartphone or tablet makes it easier and convenient for parents to not have to lug around their toddler’s toys. Instead, they can download age appropriate apps to keep their child occupied during those trying times, or when they want a different learning tool for them to utilize.

Here are six fun and educational apps for your toddler to explore, learn and just have fun with

1. Talking Tom Cat
This is cute even for older kids. Talking Tom Cat mimics what you say in a funny voice. If you speak in another language, he’ll repeat what you say. You can pet him, poke him, and pull his tail. You can try and make him purr by rubbing his belly, head, or feet; or make him leap to the ceiling by scaring him. You can do many things that will elicit laughter and fun.

2. Teach Me: Toddler
Is a fun learning activity that asks questions to identify colors, letters, numbers and shapes. There are reward stickers for correctly answering questions. Coins or stickers can be used to create picture scenes from six different themed backgrounds. Coins are an alternative reward system for parents to offer their own rewards.

3. Scratch a Sketch
This app is an introduction for toddlers to using a touch screen. It also explores hand-eye coordination. When they swipe the screen, it slowly reveals bits and pieces of a cute character. Once the picture is revealed, your child will hear a praise.

4. Wheels on the Bus
From the classic song, “Wheels on the Bus” is a fun and colorful graphics app for toddlers who enjoy music. It’s touted as an all-in-one educational center with sing along, coloring book with spelling and vocabulary, puzzles, math games, race car driving for developing fine motor skills, and memory games.

5. Learn to Talk First Words
There are over 160 audio flashcards to teach toddlers basic vocabulary and early language skills. Single words and two words are taught in this sight and sound educational app, and will give your toddler a good head start when learning how to talk.

6. Toddler Flashcards
Toddlers can learn about shapes, colors, numbers, letters and tracing. They will enjoy the colorful quizzes that will help make recognition easier and make learning fun.

Do you know of any fun and educational apps for toddlers? Please share them in a comment below.

6 Fun & Educational Apps For Toddlers

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