As a small business owner with limited funds, I found it refreshing to discover a place that helps people like me handle legal issues with ease and professionalism.

I have used Legalzoom to handle my copyrights, trademarks, and to register my LLC. I also use them to help keep up with the legalities of running an LLC.

Each time, I was met with professional feedback, easy to use forms that made the entire process stress free for me, and very fast service. All of this at affordable pricing. I could never afford what I have purchased through Legalzoom with a private lawyer. The funds just are not there. Legalzoom ReviewSo, Legalzoom has made it very easy and affordable for small business owners, WAHMS, and anyone else to take care of certain legal issues.

I love that they send me reminders of what papers I need to file, and that I can have phone consultations with REAL lawyers, as well as use the many helpful business documents they provide at no additional costs for members.

As for the lawyers, from my experience, they are professional, nice, and answer your questions to the best of their abilities, and what is available within the realm of “consultations.”

Membership is cost effective, comes with many perks and discounts, and is well worth the money for peace of mind for me as a business woman.

If you have never used Legalzoom, and are in business, you are missing out on a great resource that is very affordable for small business owners.

If you are not a business owner, you can still benefit from the cost effectiveness of using Legalzoom for many things like: wills, power of attorney, real estate, name change, bankruptcy, and much more!

Like I said, Legalzoom is easy, professional, and a frugal option for many important legal needs.

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