23 Signs You’re a Military Wife

There are so many more than what I have listed here but all of these can certainly be applied to wives of the military–and all branches of the military. As I was putting these together, many made me laugh, sigh, and smile in knowing how true these all are for me!

I hope you enjoy these if you are a spouse of a military member, but if you are not, I hope this helps you take a peek inside this entirely different world.

23 Signs You’re a Military Wife

1.) You always forget and hand people your military ID when asked for a state ID, including when a cop pulls you over!

2.) You find moving stickers on your furniture months (even years) after the move!

3.) You know his uniform better than he does.

4.) Your Sunday nights are usually filled with a few loads of his work uniforms that he “forgot” about on Friday!

5.) Your family has changed churches and bible studies so many times you’re reluctant when asked to “become a member”, thinking you’ll be moving again soon!

6.) You know his social security number better than your own.

7.) A month long separation is easy-breezy in comparison to the deployment(s) you’ve been through!

8.) You both have mastered a long-distance relationship several times.

9.) You have spent several major holidays without him for duty, training or deployments.

10.) You cling more toward other military wives because your friends back home don’t quite understand…

11.) You know the phonetic alphabet by heart.

12.) Your phone has become glued to your hip or by your pillow, especially during deployments.

13.) You know the military lingo better than he does: “Cover, not hat!” As well as BAH, LES, PCS and so on.

14.) You can never confirm family plans, at least not until you’re having them!

15.) You’re sick of Velcro by now…

16.) You know military time and always talk in military time. You have to rethink when you are speaking to family, “Not 14:00, two o’clock!”

17.) You have had to update your address with so many people in such a short amount of time- several times!

18.) The second you get that call or text from your spouse is the best part of your days…and you kick yourself repeatedly if you miss the call! (A reason why your phone becomes glued to you.)

19.) Courthouse marriages are normal to hear about…

20.) Finding a job becomes harder and harder since your resume makes it obvious you are a military spouse.

21.) You have embraced being a stay-at-home mom or student and have learned around the crock-pot very well.

22.) You resent when people call you a dependent because you have had to become very INdependent!

23.) You change the most from each deployment.

If you can think of any more to add to this list, comment below!

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