DVD Organization on A Budget

I had a great deal of clutter in my entertainment center. I wanted to find a way to store all of those movies and video games so that I did not have to see all of the covers and titles which made the space feel cluttered.

Since I do not have doors over these shelves of the entertainment center, I opted with buying photo boxes. I purchased four, two on each side, at an amazing price at Michaels. The sale that was going on made them only $1.66 a piece!

I chose the black color to camouflage them into the dark space of the shelves. I wanted a more stream-lined look.

I started the organization process by removing everything that was on either side and lying everything out on the floor. I began to categorize the different genres of movies and separated the video games. Once I started stacking them inside the boxes, I saw how much room I had to fit genres together with other movies and eventually I was able to fit everything perfectly inside the four boxes. {If we ever decide to buy more DVDs, we can utilize the above shelf where the flowers are.}

It was important to me that I label each box. First, I attempted to cut little rectangles of paper to fit inside the label holders but that turned out to be a disaster! I ended up grabbing a white “dry-erase” crayon and wrote the labels directly on the box. I justified this “permanent” feature by telling myself, “If the label ever changes, I’ll cover it with black marker or paper.” :)

I love how it turned out! I definitely achieved the stream-lined look that I wanted and now all of those DVD covers and titles are hidden away. It makes finding a movie much easier, too! All I need to do is decide what genre we are in the mood for and I will never again have to rummage through every single DVD.

DVD Organization on A Budget #tips #organize

DVD Organization on A Budget #tips #organizeYou can also add labels to the front of them. The four labels I am using are: Action, Romance & Comedy, Video Games, Family & TV Shows.

I recommend checking your local craft store for deals on these photo boxes. At a regular store price they can reach to over $5.00 a piece depending on where you shop. However, if you wait for a sale and use a coupon, they can be very inexpensive! My total cost breakdown for this entire DVD organization came to roughly $6.64, before tax.

Of course, the amount of boxes you use and the label titles will all depend on your specific needs but I hope these ideas help you out!

DVD Organization on A Budget #tips #organize

This is how they look in my entertainment center. You can see the labels here too.

*A tip for storing these boxes if you do not have an entertainment center like mine, use book shelves, cabinets or deep drawers and choose a color that matches the rest of your decor. These little boxes really allow a lot of room for “play” and can become a great pop of color in your living room.

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