Finish Well: Homeschooling Encouragement

The following are just few tips to help you finish well. Intentionally living, realizing our goals, and remembering why we homeschool will help you in this school year’s grand finale!

How can we finish well?

1.) Take advantage of the sunshine!

Create a Spring schedule that allows for plenty of outside time. Maybe you can add botany, or study birds in your science lessons. Whatever you choose, purpose to go outdoors. You could take schoolwork outside, go for walks or bike rides, have picnic lunches or BBQ dinners!

2.) Ask yourself, “What does finish mean?”

Evaluate yourself and your children honestly. What was your goal(s) for the year? You don’t need to finish every page of every workbook. (SHHHHH! Don’t tell my children that!)

3.) Choose a last day and celebrate!

Give your children something to look forward to and make it fun! My own children are just strange… They can’t wait to finish this year just so they can start the next one! I am the one saying, “Wait! I am not ready yet!”

Spring flowers bring many distractions–loads of distractions.

So, why finish well?  Where should I start?

1.) Your children learn from your example. When you finish well, they learn to finish what they start. They learn to persevere. They learn diligence and the value of commitment.

2.) A sense of completion… It feels so good to see a project completed. It really does. They worked hard this year. You worked hard. When you finish well, there is a feeling of accomplishment. If you couple that with the aforementioned character traits, there will be a beautiful, fulfilling end to a very long–sometimes trying–and often challenging school year.

3.) Finishing well lends itself to a healthy transition. If you and I are honest, this year had some great triumphs as well as some areas that need improvement. This is a perfect opportunity for a clean slate, a fresh start. After you have finished well, clean off all the homeschool shelves/work ares. Let your children physically see the cycle. Share with them your excitement  to start a new system, schedule, or organization. It feels good for all of us to begin anew. Your enthusiasm will breed enthusiasm.

Embrace this homeschool path. Enjoy this season with all of its distractions. Finish well, my friends.

Do you have any tips to help other homeschool moms finish well?

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Finish Well: Homeschooling Encouragement


  1. Brielle Cotterman on June 19, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    Graduation is our new goal and has given us a positive direction. Thank you for the wonderful idea!
    Brielle Cotterman

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