God is Working Behind the Scenes

If we were the writer and director of our own life, plot lines would often develop much differently. In actuality, our expectations frequently remain unrealized, our plans are hindered and our dreams never seem to come true. Whether in big or small ways, general realities or specific incidences, it is easy to become frustrated with God. He’s the One who is supposed to be in charge! He’s supposed to know what’s going on and leading the way. In fact, sometimes, it seems like the director hasn’t even bothered to show up. In these moments I remind myself that God is working behind the scenes. Just as in a blockbuster film or a spectacular novel, we see only the finished project, we don’t see the many hours of work and technique that went into creating the stories we view on the big screen or read in a book. In the story of our lives, in those moments when the plot doesn’t make a bit of sense to us, God is working behind the scenes.

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” – Psalm 119:105 (NIV)

It took me many years to truly understand the big picture of Psalm 119:105.

God is Working Behind the Scenes

In the midst of the darkest period of my life I came to realize that the lamp is not above my head or creating a well lit room. No, the lamp spoken of in this passage is for my feet. I don’t know if feet lamps exist, but I can imagine a small bulb strapped on to a wearer’s feet with a wide elastic band. The foot lamp would cause the area around your feet to be well lit. It would be enough to keep you from stepping in large holes or onto a sharp rock, or possibly, off of a cliff, but it certainly wouldn’t cast much light on the surrounding area. It would light only the vital area where your next step must fall.

A lit path is similar. When I’ve walked down lit paths at night I’ve seen that the light falls so as to illuminate the pathway but the areas around the path remain in darkness.

In the midst of our trials and frustrations, in the moments where we don‘t understand a bit of the plot nuances occurring in our lives, when nothing around us makes sense, we must remind ourselves that God is working behind the scenes. In each and every area that we cannot see, from the past up through the future, God is there, working out His will in our lives. He is asking us to trust Him in those occasions when we are convinced that He is not there. Trust me, He says: Take a step–Remain on the path that I have instructed you in My Word.

Although the stops along your life journey may be uncertain, keep moving forward and holding on to the faith that you know to be true. In just a little while you will see, God has not abandoned you at all, He was just working behind the scenes.

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