House Cleaning Prayers are Answered Too!

Blessings can be exhausting. Recently my family has been blessed with two extra bedrooms, another bathroom and a large kitchen/dining room. What a blessing! We need the room. But the extra work that has come along with it has started to seem somewhat overwhelming. Working full-time and caring for my kids full-time as well as housework, shopping, drop offs and pick ups, and everything else that we moms do – I’m exhausted. Add in cleaning and painting, shifting furniture and moving possessions, I’m not going to lie, I hit the wall this weekend. I was done. My entire house was a mess; the more time I spent on the “new” portion of the house, the more the regular work was backing up in the “old” portion of the house. There seemed to be a never ending cycle of work needing to be done. I prayed for God to give me strength and energy, and when I could work no more, I began my house cleaning prayers.

Over the weekend I spent the morning and afternoon with my children at various activities and in the evening I spent a lovely three hours at the home of a friend. While I was out I left my oldest daughter in charge of the younger siblings; I had no hopes other than returning home to find all four girls still alive and breathing.

Three hours later I when I walked in the door, my two oldest girls popped up and excitedly began to show me the house.

House Cleaning Prayers are Answered Too!

They had cleaned every single room. The house looked amazing.

This is not normal behavior for my children. Sweeping the living room floor is about the extent of any cleaning they do without instruction and even on rare cleaning days it tends to be 69% bickering, 30% playing with stuff or going to the bathroom and 1% cleaning. Walking into my home and finding it completely cleaned was like a miracle. I still haven’t recovered.

It’s funny how God answers when we pray and ask for help. It’s funny how we still get shocked and surprised when he does answer. I never imagined he would move on the hearts of four little mess-makers to bless me with a clean house, in fact, cleaning fairies and elves would have been a more plausible explanation than my children.

I find it hard to ask for help. My nature tends to just want to get it done in my way and in my time. However, when I do receive help, I am humbled and deeply grateful. Blessed. I remember that this is how it is meant to be in the Body of Christ.

“For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Romans 12:4-5 NIV

I am reminded we are not meant to live alone but in a community. I am reminded that we are to be kind and compassionate and helpful to others and, at times, we are to be the recipients of that same kindness and help.

God answers house cleaning prayer too!

Most of all in those moments when I need help, I recall that God expresses his love for us through others, and sometimes he will use the most unlikely ones.

Have you experienced answers to seemingly simple prayer like house cleaning prayers too? Share!

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