Summer Sandals: 6 Styles You Will Flip Over

To say I’m obsessed with sandals is putting it moderately. I really, really, adore sandals. I hate close toed shoes for so many reasons, but mostly because of the weather they represent. Sandals represent sun and sand and shorts and wonderful heat that rises as the day stretches out long before us. But I also love them because they are just comfortable. And this summer, the options are even more varied than before.

I love how every summer, new sandal trends begin. A few years ago it was the summer of Roman Gladiator sandals, which I liked but made my already unfeminine feet look all the more masculine. I am so grateful that they’ve toned down recently.

I love platform sandals, and I’ve heard those are back in style, but I haven’t seen any I’d wear yet. I love a good heel on a sandal too, one that’s understated and preferably neutral in color so it elongates a leg and feminizes a foot. If we’re going to show some toe skin, I’d like it to look nice and girly. And with the endless options of nail polish colors lately, it’s really a shame to NOT indulge in a good sandal for the summer months.

I found a few favorites of mine, and had I the money, I’d splurge on all of them. But I think for now I’ll just stick to trying to choose only one. Obviously, I adore sandal fashion. Let me share 6 summer sandals that I am sure you will love…

6 Summer Sandals Options You’ll  Flip Over

1. Bow Accented Jelly Sandals from First of all, a jelly sandal was epic in my childhood. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see they are indeed still well and relevant. And a bow is just about the most feminine piece of adornment out there, so these precious little sandals are an inexpensive way to give a nostalgic nod to our childhood as little girls with big dreams and happy hearts. I love them, and although I selected the beige pair for myself, they come in black or coral. So you can pick you poison- and might I say that if you do indeed choose the coral, you may just be the girliest girl of us all?

Bow Accented Jelly Sandals from #sandals #summer

2. Twinkling Trimmings Sandal in Gold from These are the more expensive, and perhaps more glamorous sister to the GoJane jelly sandal. It’s the same idea but glamorized and therefore costs a little bit more. I do love this sandal though, and for me, I love a good heel strap like this one offers. Pair these with some printed shorts and a chiffon tank, or with a summery dress and you’re set. They’re a way to celebrate how mature women still have a little girl’s heart. Kiss them for me, if you buy a pair please.

Twinkling Trimmings Sandal in Gold from #sandals #summer

3. Spring into Active Sandal in Licorice from Remember the overtly masculine gladiator sandal circa 2010? Well this is it’s newer, uber-feminine contemporary. I love these. A million thin black straps hug your feet, and a little covert zipper on the heel insures a snug fit. I’m thinking this would look adorable with a romper. Yes, moms can wear rompers. But if rompers aren’t your thing, try a high-waist skirt and a loose blouse.

Spring into Active Sandal in Licorice from #sandals #summer

4. CL by Laundry Nandi Sandal in Natural: I always wanted to be Pocohantas. These sandals might just give me a go at it- if only now I could grow out lustrous black hair and that lovely, triangular shaped face. But I love these sandals- part southwest flair, part chic fashion. I am thinking these and a pair of denim cut off shorts? These and a plain black maxi? Or better yet, a simple black strapless short dress? So cute.

CL by Laundry Nandi Sandal in Natural #sandals #summer

5. Printed Leather Crossover Birkenstock Sandal from Zara: So I heard the rumor birkenstocks were back in, and it looks like it is true. I won’t lie, Birkenstocks offered no flattery to my overly wide feet so I steered clear of them growing up. But I’m thinking this cute little snake-skin print might just be the kiss of reconciliation for me. I am digging these sandals, with their down-to-earth appeal and their fashion friendly look. Wear them with a pair of rolled cuff jeans, and you’ll be channeling the nineties big time. But I like it. Leave it to Zara, a UK based store, to serve up something so decade-crossing and daring.

Printed Leather Crossover Birkenstock Sandal from Zara #sandals #summer

6. Nine West Radefade: So color blocking…super on trend. Maybe we’re a the tail end of its success, but it’s still highly successful in the fashion world. And the new strap that crosses toes instead of intersects them? That’s the sandal of the past two summers and very much the “it” look now. I love this fresh sandal from NineWest for a lot of reasons, including the color blocking and the toe strap. But perhaps my favorite part would be the wedge at the back. I am not as tall as I’d like to be, and I love sandals that are functional and help me remedy that situation. Are you like me and always looking for a reason to make your legs look longer and leaner? Then look no further than this fun little twist on a wedge sandal.

Nine West Radefade #sandals #summer

Really, there are too many sandal options for me to choose. My list is nowhere near exhaustive. But I hope I got your mental wheels turning, and that you can start looking for sandals to mark your summer by too. Let your feet make a statement too.

Do you wear Sandals? Which of the above styles do you like best?

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Summer Sandals: 6 Styles You Will Flip Over #fashion #sandals #summer

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