SwimSuit Ideas to Flatter the “Gray Zones”

Swimsuits are a touchy subject for Christian women. How much skin is too much skin? Can you wear a bikini and still love Jesus? Should moms show stomach? So many questions. I come to you with no answers. Were we a planet of just women, or perhaps just swimming among women, I’d say be bold and we would all agree the risks would be far less. But there are men to think about. And I cannot answer your own dilemma of swim-wear. But I can make some nice suggestions. I’ve worn a little bit of everything at different times, and I think certain ones are more suitable (get it, SUITable?) for different situations. I vote whatever smells of legalism and whatever smells of pride, those two we ought to avoid like the plague.

I think all women are on a lifelong journey to love and appreciate the way God made them. I know I certainly am and some days I fail more miserably than others. I also know that for some of us, shopping for swimsuits is like a death-toll to our security. Girlfriend, it’s time to find the beauty within again.

In high school I bought ridiculously expensive swimsuits, and I still don’t know why my Mom agreed to do it. She was always more practical than that. But I’m going to list some pricier suits in hopes that perhaps you too tend to think of a swimsuit as a summer investment that will span several hot seasons rather than just one. If you’re scandalized by the price of one of these suits, I apologize in advance.

I’ve divided up these pieces as helpers for specific “gray zones”. Gray as in, you maybe wish no one had to look at that particular portion of body, or at least you want it to be better camouflaged.

9 SwimSuit Ideas to Flatter the “Gray Zones”

Here are some chic suggestions if you’re gray area is your middle, waist, or stomach:

1. Jersey Lomellina Asymmetrical Blouson Tank by J Crew: It’s a tanktop. It’s a swimsuit. It’s forgiving. It’s chic and modest. It’s a winner. And it’s a little bit expensive but I am hoping you can make it work, somehow. Anything that billows out will allow for a little bit of wiggle room, so instead of feeling like you’re falling out, hopefully you’ll feel covered and not only a little bit more comfortable. The color options are pretty varied, I personally like the earth color. Against a summer tan it will look fresh and everybody’s eye color will pop against it.

 Jersey Lomellina Asymmetrical Blouson Tank by J Crew

2. Swim Solutions Ruched Twist-Front One-Piece Swimsuit at Macy’s: First of all, buying a monochromatic swimsuit is always a good idea. It won’t go out of style as quickly, and when you pick a nice, tasteful color, you’re guaranteed many a summer looking current. Any kind of tummy trouble can always be assuaged by a good, sturdy ruching (when the fabric is layered, like this one and forgiving on the sides as well). And this one? Well, its cost-effective, which means hopefully you can invest in a cute little skirt cover-up if you want too, or a breezy kimono like we talked about in another post.

Swim Solutions Ruched Twist-Front One-Piece Swimsuit

3. LOFT Beach Stripe Tie Waist One Piece Swimsuit: Y’all, I’m in love. This swimsuit is so precious. First, stripes are adorable. And ageless. Second, the billowing on this suit is a tummy’s dream!! And like we’ve talked about, LOFT has enormous sales throughout the month, so sign up for emails and wait until you can deduct 40% from this little baby. Can you see yourself in it with a little straw hat with a black ribbon? Or how about some canvas and gold sandals? Or a black maxi skirt? Yes! And I love a modest suit that doesn’t scream, “I AM COVERING UP”. This little number makes bikinis jealous.

LOFT Beach Stripe Tie Waist One Piece Swimsuit

Next “gray” zone: Thighs and Bum

(don’t you wish we Americans said bum like the British do?)

Remember that really classy (NOT) song’s line “she’s little in the middle but she got much back”? Yep, these suits are for her. For that woman who has a teeny waist but would rather cover up below it. First, I want to officially say: Please embrace your curves. As a woman with not many curves, I applaud how feminine you look while still being grateful for my own form too. Curves are nice.

1. Beach House Skipper Stripe Racer Back Tankini Top & Trimmed Board Short from Dillard’s: Depending on where you live, you may not have heard of Dillard’s. We don’t have one up here. But I wish we did, oh how I wish we did. I love this option because it’s super practical, and not the least bit revealing. It’s classy, and I like the scalloped edge on the board shorts because that’s on-trend. If you’re afraid of showing your bottom, this swimsuit might just be the best option!

Beach House Skipper Stripe Racer Back Tankini Top & Trimmed Board Short

2. Glowing Horizon Cover-Up Shorts in White from ModCloth: The lace will offer enough coverage that you can still wear that darling bottom you bought, and yet feel a little bit more settled! I love ModCloth for many reasons, and these shorts stand as one of them. Lace shorts are a good, practical option and look darling with a tankini top, over a one piece, and even with the bikini top if you’re going that route.

Glowing Horizon Cover-Up Shorts in White from ModCloth

3. Afloat on the Water One-Piece Swimsuit in Sailboats also from ModCloth: I really love this piece. It’s modest and user friendly and looks adorable. Who doesn’t want sailboats on their swimsuit? I love it. And the little skirt will make you look very feminine.

Afloat on the Water One-Piece Swimsuit in Sailboats from ModCloth

And the final “gray” zone is really no zone at all, it’s more a state of being: our pregnant momma’s.

1. ASOS Maternity Swimsuit With Floral Print: This adorable swimsuit makes you look like a real life gift to the world, which is essentially what you’re carrying anyway. I could cry even thinking about it! I love the sweet bow, and the addition of straps because things, as we all know, tend to grow and need more substantial support. ASOS has you (and your little one) covered. 

ASOS Maternity Swimsuit With Floral Print

2. Women’s Maternity Halter One-Piece Swimsuit by Target: Personally, I kind of love the mint green. I don’t know how much longer mint green will be around and in style, but you won’t be pregnant much longer anyhow so it’s worth the risk. Again, anything with a bow is money. And this one might be a little bit more revealing, but perhaps you’re one of those pregnant women who finally get to experience lovely lady lumps! I say, rock ’em when you got ’em. All in an appropriate setting, naturally.

Women's Maternity Halter One-Piece Swimsuit by Target

3. Jessica Simpson Hardware Detail Maternity Tankini Swimsuit at Destination Maternity: I wish I had a suit in this pattern. And I love the little detail at the bust. It’s such a refreshing departure from the standard maternity tankini, and not a bad price!

Jessica Simpson Hardware Detail Maternity Tankini Swimsuit at Destination Maternity

What swimsuit styles do you use to help flatter your gray zones?

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SwimSuit Ideas to Flatter the "Gray Zones"


  1. Karen on June 10, 2014 at 10:25 pm

    I really enjoyed reading your post tonight! I am in need of a bathing suit! I found 2 that I really like!

    1. Afloat on the Water One-Piece Swimsuit in Sailboats also from ModCloth:
    2. Beach House Skipper Stripe Racer Back Tankini Top & Trimmed Board Short from Dillard’s

  2. tara pittman on June 11, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    These are pretty suits. Instead of trying to get rid of my tummy, which I cant do after 5 kids, I will hide it with this suit.

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